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All together against the covid

Health professionals carrying out PCR outdoors in Alcoy.  |  JUANI RUZ

Health professionals carrying out PCR outdoors in Alcoy. | JUANI RUZ

On the left, a specialist monitoring cases in Pedreguer; to the right, queues outside the Cabo de las Huertas health center. | INFORMATION / MANUEL R. SALA

All together against the covid

Hospitals on the brink of collapse, overflowing Intensive Care Units (ICU) and long lines of people at the doors of Primary Care centers. These are the images that this third wave of the pandemic has left in the province, in which the coronavirus has hit the entire Valencian Community with force.

While in the first wave the Ministry of Health opted for a containment plan, on this occasion, and given the scandalous numbers of infections and the lack of health professionals in the job boards, it decided to create multidisciplinary teams to support follow-up work of cobid-19 cases from Primary Care centers.

In this way, surgeons, traumatologists, physiotherapists and nurses, among other specialists, were referred from their referral hospitals to health centers. Especially surgeons, since activity in the operating rooms was completely paralyzed, and in fact to this day it has not yet fully resumed.

What has been the work of all these specialists? Free family doctors from work, carrying out telephone follow-up of infected patients, supporting tracking tasks and even, especially in the case of nurses, collaborating in carrying out PCR.

The healthcare director of the Dénia Health Department, Pedro Clemente, explains that this has allowed family doctors to be able to treat other pathologies. An example of how necessary this type of multidisciplinary team has been is that “almost 5,000 daily follow-up calls have been made at specific times”, a figure that could hardly have been attended by Primary Care professionals without the support of other specialists , aim.

In the same area of ​​Health, the Director of Primary Care, Antonio Barceló, explains that “every day we have a group of doctors to collaborate in the bags of hours generated by each health center. So first thing in the morning these professionals may be supporting those in the basic area of ​​Teulada and at noon to Pego.

Another example of this type of management is the Alcoy Health department, in which case different specialists have been assigned to each point of Primary Care, according to the manager, Enrique Barbeito.

In all cases, or in the vast majority, this situation has been reversing in recent weeks, after the curve began to bend and hospitals have more and more covid-free spaces. So much so, that in the case of the Alcoy area there are no longer specialists in the health centers, says Barbeito, and in the Dénia area «this week support has decreased. We are still initiating this de-escalation and preparing the increase in face-to-face outpatient consultations, with limited capacity, spacing the time between patient and patient and organizing visits both in the morning and in the afternoon, ”explains Pedro Clemente.

In some hospitals they have already resumed minor surgeries, or those that do not require admission, and it is very likely that next week more operating rooms will open. To organize the start of the surgical activity, the heads of each department will hold a virtual meeting next week with the Ministry of Health.

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