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ALLDOCUBE iWork GT: this is the clone of the iPad Pro but with Core i5 and Windows 11 that you can already buy

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ALLDOCUBE iWork GT is possibly the best iPad Pro clone but with all the benefits of a Windows 11 tablet PC with 11th Gen Intel Core processors.

There is no doubt that right now if you want to buy the most powerful and capable tablet on the market you have to go directly to the iPad Pro. Its M1 Chip and Pro Motion screen make it one of the most versatile tablets. In addition, its cover and keyboard with trackpad make it practically a laptop

But in China they are not giving up and have launched a product that is very similar to an iPad Pro, at least in design. this is how it comes Alldocube iWork GTa tablet PC with Windows 11 with a design practically traced to the iPad Pro.

This tablet PC is very complete and can be purchased on AliExpress from 750 euros.

Tablet PC with Windows 11 and 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor. With its cover and keyboard you will have the closest thing to an iPad Pro in the Windows world.

This tablet PC has an 11-inch screen with 2K resolution, which translates to a reality of 2000 x 1200 pixels. It has reduced edges and it is true that it is thicker than an iPad Pro, since it needs ventilation.

Inside it has an 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics. It also has 8 GB of RAM and from 256 GB of SSD storage, although there are options to increase the capacity up to 1 TB.

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You could technically turn this tablet PC into a pretty powerful work laptop and even a console because the Intel Iris Xe is capable of running some games with decent performance.

But it is in the accessories where its conversion to an “iPad Pro but with Windows” is. It has two wireless keyboards that also act as a protective cover.

One is a normal magnetic keyboard, but the second option is the most interesting because it is a “floating” keyboard. like Apple’s Magic Keyboard and that also includes a trackpad.

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It also has WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, a battery of about 6 hours of use and that accepts fast charging of 45 W. It even has a USB-A port, microSD card reader, 2 USB-C inputs and a micro HDMI port.

You can get it on AliExpress with free shipping. The base model with Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage costs 750 euros. With the magnetic keyboard cover 808 euros, but with the “floating” keyboard it goes to only 842 euros.

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