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Allegations of Labor Rayner’s ‘sexual techniques’ to distract Johnson spark misogyny debate in UK

  • Conservatives point out that the Labor deputy leader crosses and uncrosses her legs in the weekly government control sessions to “distract” Boris Johnson

  • The Tory leader distances himself from these statements: “I respect her as a parliamentarian and I deplore misogyny”

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnsonhas written to Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner to distance herself from misogynistic comments allegedly made by her Conservative colleagues, accusing her of using sexual tactics to distract him in the House of Commons, The Telegraph reports.

This newspaper, related to the ruling party, explains that Johnson wrote to Rayner to assure him that these allegations, published by the sensationalist The Mail on Sunday, were not made “in his name.”

The head of the Government also condemned them on his Twitter account. “As much as I disagree with Rayner on almost every political issue, I respect her as a parliamentarian and deplore misogyny directed against her anonymously,” the Tory leader said on Sunday.

References to ‘Basic Instinct’

the alleged attacks on Rayner, 42and how they were presented in the Mail center political debate in the UKwhere sentences rain down on the alleged perpetrators and the journalist, Glen Owen, who compared it to a famous scene from ‘Basic Instinct’ (1992), starring Sharon Stone.

In his article, Owen writes that many Conservative MPs believe that Labor politics crosses and uncrosses its legs at weekly government scrutiny sessions to “distract” Johnsonin the style, apostille, of Stone in the 1992 film.

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“She knows she can’t compete with Boris’s Oxford training in debate, but has other abilities that he lacks“, declare the anonymous sources cited.

“Perverted Slander”

“She herself has admitted it when we have had a few drinks on the terrace of the Commons”they add.

The text states that the confrontations between Johnson and Rayner -which occur when she replaces the leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer- are “a highlight of the parliamentary calendar”when contrasting the “MP, educated in public school” with Johnson, educated at Eton, an elite private school.

The journalist also describes her as “a grandmother who left school at 16 without qualifications when she became pregnant, to become a caregiver (in social services)”.

In response to the article, Rayner on Sunday rejected the “lies” published about her and accused Johnson’s acolytes of “spreading perverted and desperate slander to save their skin.”

“I have been accused of a ‘plot’ to ‘distract’ a defenseless prime minister: for being a woman, for having legs and for wearing clothes,” she lamented. On twitter.She assured that the “vile” insults will not dissuade her from continuing in politics and maintained that Conservatives have “a problem with women” in positions of influence.

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“I hope that this experience does not discourage a single person like me, with a history like mine, from aspiring to participate in public life. That would break my heart,” he wrote on the social network.

This incident has led to many other British deputies to denounce that they constantly suffer misogynistic attacks and sexism both in everyday life and in social networks.

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