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Alleged Proud Boys threaten violence outside drag brunch in bodycam video

A group of people allegedly affiliated with the Proud Boys disrupted a drag brunch on Sunday morning and footage of the altercation has gone viral.

The video, originally posted to Twitter on June 13 by @wavyvibesRADIO, received nearly 415,000 views and quickly circulated on social media. The video can be found here.

In the bodycam footage recorded at a drag brunch in Arlington, Texas, a man yells at an individual off-camera about how he is “not afraid” of jail because he’s been before and would “happily” do it again.

As the video continues, the man starts to threaten the people at the drag brunch, calling one person a “pedophile f**got” and saying he wanted to “beat their a**.”

Alleged Proud Boys interrupt drag brunch
A group of individuals allegedly affiliated with the Proud Boys started a confrontation outside the themed drag brunch on Sunday morning.
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

The event was a themed drag brunch for individuals 21 and older to celebrate Pride Month, which lasts the entire month of June. Pride has been celebrated every year in June since the Stonewall riots of June 1969.

The month is often filled with pride parades, parties, concerts, and other events such as brunches to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Other people behind the man also recorded the altercation and music can be heard playing in the background.

“This is Texas, this is our f**king house,” the man yelled as others agreed. “Better remember that Alamo motherf**ker. Better remember Goliad motherf**ker cause we will run your f**king sorry a** over again.”

The man, who had gotten closer to the body camera as he yelled, then backed away from the people off-camera.

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“You know we lost at the Alamo right?” one person attending the brunch replied.

“I’m well aware of my f**king history you motherf**ker,” the man yelled back as he stepped closer to the camera again.

He then continued the argument about the Alamo, saying “we beat their motherf**king a** in San Jacinto afterwards.”

“Thanks for our history lesson,” the person behind the camera replied.

Other people allegedly affiliated with the Proud Boys then said they planned to block the sidewalk, claiming it was a citizen’s arrest since they were “pedophiles,” even though no individuals under the age of 21 were present at the event.

The video was also posted to Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakout subreddit where it received more than 6,200 comments. The post can be found here.

“Imagine being this angry. Holy s**t….” one user commented.

“Just like the Alamo!!!!! I burst out laughing. What ignorant, f**king morons,” another commented.

“This is why pride and the entire LGBTQ movement exists,” another user wrote. “Given an inch, these people would persecute LGBTQ people. Some would even happily assault and kill them.”

The confrontation comes just one day after an alleged Proud Boys group in Alameda County, California disrupted a drag queen event being held at the public library.

Local sheriffs deputies reported that the drag queen event being held for children and families was “aggressively” disrupted by the group, referring to attendees as “pedophiles.”

Newsweek reached out to @wavyvibesRADIO for comment.

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