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Allyson Felix’s tenth

The most successful athlete at the Games is just one medal away from matching her compatriot Carl Lewis’s 10. You can make it or even beat it if you get on the podium in 400 and the 4×400 relay. She aspires to achieve it at 35, after her run-in with Nike about her pregnancy and after a traumatic delivery.

TO Allyson felix He lacks an Olympic medal to equal in number the ten that the mythical owns Carl lewis. After comfortably passing the first round and the semifinal, on Friday (12:30 Spanish time) a final awaits him in which he does not start as a favorite despite his nine Olympic medals.

For Felix this will be his fifth Olympic participation since his debut with 18 years in Athens-2004. At the age of 35 and acting as a hardworking mother of Cammy For two, the American sprinter seems recovered from a premature birth in 2019, and the subsequent care of the baby, which seemed that they would prevent her from qualifying for Tokyo. ´I sleep four hours ´, assured the Californian athlete before playing the trials, the Olympic selection tests at the end of last June, in Eugene, at the home of his former sponsor.

Felix holds the record for an Olympic medal in his sport, nine, the most awarded athlete in the Games, and is one podium short of the iconic Carl Lewis and his ten metals, nine golds and one silver. If she does well in the 400 meters, the sprinter will have chance in the American long relay and would surpass the Lewis myth with the eleventh metal. It will also have the silver bullet of the relay if it finally forms an American 4×400, a priori unbeatable. In his resume as an Olympic reliever he has two titles in 4×100 and three in 4×400. A gold in 200 is his only individual title in Games. But beyond her overwhelming history, also in World Cups, the athlete with the last name of the cat is now known in the United States and throughout the world for making public the clash that, in May 2019, she suffered with her powerful sponsor, Nike, followed by a traumatic delivery and a recovery in extremis to be able to be in Tokyo.

From dream to nightmare

Two years earlier and pregnant, the Oregon firm proposed to Felix to renew her contract with a 70% discount when she informed him of her state of good hope. The athlete then sent a letter to the New York Times, which the newspaper included in its opinion section with the title ‘My Own Nike Pregnancy Story’. “I wanted to be a professional athlete and a mother, a dream that was somehow a nightmare,” she wrote.

Felix thus joined the Olympic and also pregnant women Alysia Montaño and Kara Goucher, who were about to cut their sponsor for the same reason. Next, the magazine ‘Time’ included Felix among the 100 most influential people on the Globe in 2019. Simone biles, one of the victims of the coach’s abuse Larry Nassar, has also become part of the nucleus of The truth of her promoted by Felix. With the sprinter, the gymnast shares the promotion of the Athleta brand, a division of Gap.

The case of British Bianca Williams, a mother since March 2020, seems to be proof that the Oregon firm has changed its policy and now offers 18-month coverage to pregnant athletes. “For the better, it has changed the lives of many women,” said the European runner-up with the British short relay, grateful for the American’s bravery.

With this backgroundWith Cammy in the stands with her dad, hurdler Keneth Ferguson, and her mom on the track playing for the Olympic passport, NBC rubbed their hands in the great American pre-Olympic competition last June. Athletics remains a university sport in the United States, with very marginal audiences growing exponentially, every four years with the Olympics, this time five due to the pandemic. The suspense family, work and sports in the trials starring Allyson Felix was also seasoned with a capital detail in the country of the dollar: the brand new track on which the athlete premiered her new Sneakers It was paid for by her former sponsor.

Hayward field, the centenary stadium of Eugene, has just been remodeled to host the next World Athletics Championships in 2022, thanks in large part to the generous financial support of Phil Knight, the founding partner of Nike along with his coach, Bill bowerman, that entrepreneur who used the waffle toaster to retread the sole of the primitive Waffle.

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Maternal opposition

NBC broadcast a historic Hollywood-style day with a happy ending for everyone. Felix managed to get into the US Olympic team for the fifth time in a row after finishing second in the 400 meters. The Los Angeles athlete ran around the track with her Saysh brand shoes, designed specifically for runners’ feet and made by hand, at $ 2,500 a pair, according to specialized magazines. Only one other new mom could beat the super-motivated Felix at the Hayward finish line. Qanera Hayes got it by force, going down from 50 seconds (49.78), dressed and shod by Nike. Felix (50.04) showed that his nails are well sharpened for next Friday’s appointment with the Tokyo metals.

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