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Almeida asks to extend the closure of schools in Madrid and the Community does not rule out his request



The Community of Madrid will evaluate throughout this Monday the pace of cleaning the streets of the capital and the region to decide the return of classes next Wednesday, although does not rule out a prolonged closure Given the “extraordinary situation” that the storm Filomena has left in the region, for which he has asked the parents of the Madrid students for “patience”.

This has been stated by the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Lopez, in interviews on ‘TVE’ and ‘Onda Madrid’, collected by Europa Press, where he stressed that you have to make “an effort” because you cannot reach the specific streets and you have to “prioritize”.

Today, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has pointed out that “It is a questionable question” that the closure be extended of the schools because there is still snow accumulated on many streets as well as on the roofs of the centers.

“It is about buying time and making mobility the general rule. The power to use large roads can be achieved we believe in 48 hours. Complete normality will take some more day. Asking for sacrifice because we are experiencing something unusual and it will take time to repeat itself, ”López said.

The Madrid councilor has stressed that the objective that the regional government now sets itself is recover mobility in the city and on the roadsAlthough he has insisted that resources are limited as can happen in any city, as happened in New York with the great snowfall that it suffered a few weeks ago. “We must clean the streets and roads as soon as possible to win over mobility, which is what a metropolitan city such as the capital needs to return to normal,” he indicated.

López has pointed out that Today the possible return to classes will be evaluated next Wednesday depending on what is achieved this Monday clean. “You have to make responsible decisions but you have to be aware that we are facing an evolutionary situation. The temperatures will be cold but not as cold as was believed, “he said.

“We have to evaluate today to see how it ends and how the pace of work is going. I understand that parents are concerned. I ask for your patience. The easy thing would be to close them all week but let’s wait for how the cleaning evolves depending on what is achieved today. It is not ruled out of course. It is an extraordinary situation, “he stressed.

Hasty judgments

López has also indicated that this is not the time to make “hasty judgments” in relation to deciding whether to declare the city a catastrophic zone for the damage of the storm, since the consequences will first have to be evaluated.

For this reason, he has labeled as “hasty” the statements of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska in this regard, since he does not have data on the damage, which in general has affected mainly the fall of trees.

«Although it may seem minor to many, Madrid can be left without many trees and they are very important to maintain the ecological balance. There are situations that must be assessed in their proper measure and requires a serene and objective reflection, which is fundamental, “he said.

In addition, he pointed out that there has been a coordinated work between the different administrations, putting as an example the cars that were trapped on the roads such as the M-30 and the M-40, dividing the work between the UME, the community firefighters and forestry agents, among other security forces.

Likewise, López has indicated that the regional government has ensured the operation of the Metro, which has been the only public transport that has been in operation these days and which has been essential for the mobility of people who needed to move out of dire need.

The Madrid counselor has also taken the opportunity to ask private companies to give “some flexibility” to their employees to avoid crowds in the Madrid Metro.

As for the Covid, he has stressed that it is still present and has asked citizens not to remove their mask. “The probability of getting infected in the subway is low.” «The air is renewed and the infections are less because people do not interact. Asking for responsibility but also some peace of mind “, he stressed.

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