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Almirón has more alternatives – Information

Almirón giving instructions to Raúl Guti and Pere Milla, during the Levante game.

Almirón giving instructions to Raúl Guti and Pere Milla, during the Levante game.
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Almirón said last Saturday after the match against Levante that, in addition to the point achieved, he had seen things that he liked and that he had the feeling that his team had grown.

The Elche coach was referring to change of game system that allows you to have more alternatives and to vary the scheme depending on the rival.

For the first time, the Argentine coach used a line of four in defense. Until now, since his arrival, Almirón, who said in his presentation as Elche coach that the first thing to do was defend well, had tried to have a team well retracted back, with three centrals and two lanes, that covered well to the rivals and try to surprise the counter.

It was logical for a team that had just been promoted to the First Division and for a squad under construction, which was not completed until the beginning of October. That tactical disposition was also giving him good results and in the first seven games he chose to vary.

Curiously, the injury of Fidel, a key footballer in the left lane, has led him, almost forced, to change and bet on four defenders and be a team with more alternatives in attack.


Josan and Tete Morente, in more advanced positions

The change of system allowed to see an Elche with two more specific extremes. With the three defenses, the lanes were in charge of more defensive tasks. With the tactical variation, Josan had more freedom on the right wing, he played more forward, although he lost part of the surprise factor, which had made him one of the most prominent players in the league start. Tete Morente also played on the left-handed end, which is his most natural position, although he is a versatile midfielder who can also act on the right and in the center.


Barragán plays in his natural position and can go higher

Barragán is one of the great beneficiaries of the new scheme. Until now he had had to adapt to the central position and he had delivered. But with a defense of four he returns to his natural position, which allows him to join the attack more and help Josan on the right wing. On the left, the change was not so noticeable because in the absence of Fidel, Sánchez Miño and Youssouf Koné, Almirón had to place Josema as a left back. The Murcian is central, but can adapt to that position in an emergency. Although he did not lavish much in attack, against Levante he fulfilled and in the tying goal he showed that he is capable of putting good centers. With Pacheta he had also played in that position at some time due to casualties.


Marcone and Raúl Guti have more spaces and more freedom

The handling of the ball in the center of the field is another aspect that Elche needed to improve and the new system has left traces of growth. The midfielders: Iván Marcone and Raúl Guti had more space and more freedom against Levante. The Argentine was embedded as a third center-back when starting the game from behind and was not as corseted as when the Elche team played with three centers. In addition, Raúl Guti also had more ground to try to control and handle the ball. The former Zaragoza footballer felt more comfortable and his performance was higher. On the contrary, not having such a withdrawn team forces you to increase your defensive efforts. But if Elche wants to be the protagonist with the ball, as the Argentine coach intends, this system helps them.


Pere Milla delayed his position and Lucas Boyé had little help

Like any novelty, it takes time to polish the defects. And Elche must still improve in attack. The tactical variation forced Pere Milla to delay his position to help the center of the field, which left Lucas Boyé very alone in the lead, who had to redouble his efforts in defensive tasks and, later, it was difficult for him to reach the opposite area. . The franjiverde box wins with the offensive game on the wings, but the forwards get fewer balls. Anyway, as several footballers have also commented, it is always better to grow and improve from the good results and the draw against Levante should reinforce the new idea. Almirón said it was the beginning of good things to come. Time will tell.

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