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Almost 5000 battered women receive protection from the Ertzaintza | Society




As reported by the Security Department, the Basque Government intends to launch a new project called Etxekoen eta Emakumeen Babesa to “improve efficiency” in this matter.

A total of 4781 women currently receive protection from the Ertzaintza after a complaint or police knowledge of a crime of sexist violence o de domestic violence, a figure somewhat higher than the one in the same month last year: 4659.

By territories, the number of victims with a police protection file is 2254 in Bizkaia (2356 in November 2019), 838 in Álava (752) and 1689 in Gipuzkoa (1551 a year ago).

Of the total of 4,781 women protected by the Ertzaintza, 3344 are by court order (1,492 in Bizkaia, 523 in Álava and 1,329 in Gipuzkoa), while the remaining 1,437 receive this protection in response to the police protocols that analyze the risk of each victim.

The current protocols to prevent and deal with mistreatment of women were launched in 2006 and every time a new case is detected, “it is computerized in a file”, as reported in a note by the Department of Security. From that moment, “regardless of the level of risk associated with the victim, and even the possible judicial resolution of the case, the Ertzaintza began to provide active protection to the victim.”

“Domestic and Women’s Protection”

With the aim of taking a “qualitative leap” in the management of these files and “improve efficiency in the detection and protection of victims”, the Basque Government has launched Protection of Households and Women (EBA), a strategic project that will be implemented throughout this term.

“It is a digital system of shared management of all files for crimes of gender and domestic violence of the Ertzaintza and the local police of the CAV so that all files can be created and shared, in the same format of violence against women, standardize all risk assessments for each woman, regardless of the police force dealing with the case, assess the risk of their children in the same way and establish adequate protection according to the level of risk “, add the note.

At this first moment, the Ertzaintza and the local police of Bilbao, San Sebastián, Vitoria, Basauri, Barakaldo, Errenteria and Getxo form part of the pilot system, but the objective is to extend it to the group of local police and open it to the rest of the agents involved in each episode. on violence against women: Judiciary, Prosecutor’s Office, Social Services, Osakidetza, Emakunde and Institute of Legal Medicine, among others.

Once a file is opened, “the Ertzaintza assesses and classifies the risk into four levels: basic, moderate, high and special, with continuous evaluation, so it may vary if the circumstances of the victim or the aggressor change. The first measure common security for all victims is self-protection training. “

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