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Almost half of Spaniards believe they pay a lot of taxes




46.2% consider that Spaniards believe that they pay a lot in taxes, a proportion that has grown compared to last year when only 40% shared this perception, according to the annual study ‘Public opinion and fiscal policy’ prepared by the Sociological Research Center (CIS). In this same report, more than 90% of citizens believe that in Spain there is a lot or a lot of tax fraud and 61% have considered that the Administration makes little or very little effort to avoid it.

The study, published this Wednesday and collected by Europa Press, has been carried out on the basis of 2,849 interviews carried out between July 21 and 29, 2021, to people over 18 years of age in 1,007 municipalities and 50 provinces. The questionnaires were applied by means of a computer-assisted telephone interview.

In your responses, 81.4% of those surveyed have indicated that taxes are not collected fairly and that those who have the most do not pay and 58.6% maintain that, taking into account the existing public services and social benefits, society benefits little or nothing from what is paid in taxes and contributions.

It’s more, 60.6% believe that they receive less from the Administration than they pay in taxes and contributions, 30.2% believe that they receive more or less what they pay, and only 5.5% believe that they receive more from the Administration than they pay.

What’s more, 84.1% have pointed out that the Administration makes little or very little effort to explain the destination of the taxes, compared to 11.1% who supported the work carried out by the public powers in this regard.

Opposition to tax fraud

Despite a widespread perception of fraud, respondents have argued that A large part of the people they know actually declare all their income when filing the income tax return (75.9% answered that all, almost all or quite a few), compared to 16.6% who believe that few or no people meet their obligations.

When asked if you consider yourself conscientious and responsible when paying taxes, almost 92.7% see themselves as quite or very conscientious and responsible. The same question, but referring to all Spaniards, leaves as a result that 62.9% believe that they are little or not at all aware and responsible, compared to 33% who believe the opposite.

Asked about their tolerance for different types of fraud, 96.4% refuse to receive a social benefit to which they are not entitled; 94% consider little or no tolerance for a large company to avoid or avoid paying Corporation Tax; and 88.4% that a small company avoids or avoids paying Societies.

Less rejection, although the majority also, has received start a company that operates only on the Internet to pay less taxes (62.9%), pay a home repair without invoice to avoid paying VAT (75.9%), be self-employed and do not charge VAT (80.2%), and be self-employed and deduct personal expenses as business expenses that do not correspond (86, 4%).

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