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Almost half of the MIR choose a place outside the Valencian Community

The MIR is a test that is required of medical personnel to gain access to a specialty. Each year a series of places are offered at the national level and everyone who passes with a sufficient grade to obtain one of them can choose the one they prefer anywhere in the country regardless of the community in which they are examined. The duration of the residency depends on the chosen specialty, with a maximum of five years. During that time, they are considered to be in training, although they receive a salary, and depend on a doctor or associate doctor.

The study describes how the distribution of the squares in the country has been carried out. In the case of the Valencian Community, a total of 902 people, of the 1,074 who took the test (96.7%), passed it and got one of the almost 8,000 places that were offered throughout Spain this year. Of these, just over half, 54.5%, (492 professionals) chose to carry out their period of residence in a Valencian hospital, the same community in which they had been examined. On the contrary, 45.4%, 410 of those examined who obtained the prized place, decided to go to other regions, either because of the preference of specialties that are not offered in Valencia or because the places had been exhausted.

When choosing one or the other option, doctors take into account issues such as the number of positions offered in each region for the specialty in which they want to develop their future work and also the prestige of the hospital.

Catalonia has been in this 2021 the destination for which more MIR examined in the Valencian Community bet to leave, with 117, followed by a distance by Madrid, with 69, Castilla la Mancha with 45 and Andalusia, place for which they opted a total of 36 physicians. Then there is Murcia, with 27 and Aragon with 23.

The departure of professionals to other regions is offset by the number of graduates who go the opposite way, that is, who arrive to fill the places offered. Asturias, Cantabria and Navarra are the least demanded, probably due to the greater distance that exists between these regions and the Community.

119 foreign MIRs

In Valencian hospitals, a total of 787 places were put on public offer for this year’s call, which were awarded among the 492 professionals who took their test in the same autonomy added to the 295 who completed the exam in other regions but chose as their destination the Valencian Community. In this case, Madrid is the one that contributes the most MIR professionals, with 65, followed by Murcia with 57, Asturias with 31 and Andalusia with 29.

Of the total number of residents who obtained a place, 119 were of nationalities other than Spanish, according to the report of the Medical Union.

The communities that proportionally have awarded more places to outsiders are the Balearic Islands (85.8% of 162 places offered), La Rioja (82.98%), Castilla-La Mancha (79.94%) and Cantabria (79.6 %).

In the case of La Rioja, the reason is obvious, since it does not have a Faculty of Medicine, while in the Balearic Islands the first class of this university career has not yet graduated. For this reason, most of the places offered in these regions have been occupied by people who come from other communities and who find greater possibilities of obtaining a place in the specialty they want.

219 of the best grades go to hospitals in Valencia

The choice of specialty by the physicians who take the exam to qualify for residency is based on the grade. Once the tests have been carried out and corrected, all those presented throughout Spain are taken and a single list is drawn up. The first to choose are the 2,000 best marks. In this year’s call, 219 of those examined with the best results opted for Valencian hospitals. Among the top ten there were two that chose hospitals in the Community, both in Valencia: La Fe in the case of the sixth best score and General the one with the seventh.

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