Saturday, October 23

Almost twenty companies choose to pedestrianize the Avenida de la Constitución

In the Contracting Table of the Alicante City Council, which was held this Friday after the technical problems of last Wednesday, the envelopes with the offers of each of the companies have been opened, which must be evaluated by the technicians before offering the final classification, which must be presented again before this body, as a preliminary step to the award proposal that will be submitted to the Governing Board, as explained by the municipal government.

In total, this project plans to pedestrianize 22,792 square meters, leaving them free of vehicles, “with sections of shared platform that will facilitate and allow access to the fords to define the construction actions necessary to carry it out, and the constructive solutions with which to modify sidewalks, roads and furniture elements to build pedestrian corridors. ”

The Councilor for Infrastructure, José Ramón González, explained that “with this action, the government team intends to be able to start the works in 2021 with which it will also be possible to interconnect the Traditional Center with the main pedestrian flows, and the areas with the greatest commercial impact of the city, through itineraries of pedestrian priority, which will represent an important boost for the revitalization of the center ”.

The City Council has created an “ambitious project” with which the environment will be redeveloped with green areas, “highlighting the pedestrianization of the upper section of Constitución Avenue, annexed to the current Plaza de Ruperto Chapí in which an important open space necessary for the city, with an urban design to provide continuity in urbanization solutions and materials to be used throughout the Traditional Center, “according to the local government.

Likewise, the City Council also intends to “improve accessibility conditions, and to establish a greater provision of roads, preferably pedestrians and cyclists, carries out active policies that favor trade with pedestrian flows, avoiding the increase in outsourcing specialized in leisure and catering. with complementary measures to pedestrianization to regulate leisure activity in the downtown area, in order to seek a greater diversity of commercial activity and services “, they add from the bipartite.

Other agreements

In addition to the pedestrianization project of the Traditional Center, the Contracting Table has proposed the award of the works of the exterior walkway to access the Castle of San Fernando in favor of the Doalco company, with an offer of 246,892 euros.

On the other hand, they have been pending accreditation of casualties and, therefore, pending to return to the Contracting Board, the repair of the Molineta Road with 17 offers submitted, the reinforcement of roads in Albufereta with eight commercial companies, the construction of dissuasive car parks in San Gabriel, a work for which 19 companies opt and the redevelopment of Ireland Street with another 16 commercial companies in competition. This work is pending from DANA in September 2019.

The Councilor for Recruitment, Manuel Villar, has highlighted that “all these actions, which add up to an amount exceeding 4.8 million euros, are aimed at improving pedestrian traffic, accessibility, reducing the use of private vehicles in favor of public transport, in compliance with the Alicante Urban Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and which are in the bidding and awarding process in full celebration of the Sustainable Mobility Week ”.

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