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Alpine A4810 is the concept car that will run on hydrogen

The students of the Turin School of Design have devised this project, which is a two-seater sedan that will see the light of day in 2035, the year of Alpine’s 80th anniversary.

Usually, students end up drawing cars out of sheer boredom, but 28 lucky Turin IED School of Design they have had the opportunity to really do it, to put their projects to use, to see them on a desk of an automotive brand. The years of practice paid off. Learn your lesson, children.

That’s how he was born Alpine A4810, of a drawing of young students. This project is a two-seater sedan with Formula 1-influenced aerodynamics and for those who spent long afternoons trying to find a futuristic prototype while their math homework waited in the corner of the room.

The students received their report from Alpine last fall, and after everyone submitted their ideas, two were chosen to form the basis of the final design.

The Alpine A4810 It measures 5.09 m long by 2.01 m wide and 1.06 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.72 m. It’s an imposing car, and yet the coupe’s lines are fluid, as if sculpted by the wind.

As extracted from the filtered photos we see a front with a spoiler that is a few centimeters from the ground. The headlights are very thin and are joined by a strip of LEDs that passes through the lower space and forms the air intakes on the sides of the bumper.

Two-tone colours, matte black and carbon fiber elements have been carefully designed to draw attention to every section of the car, while the interior was designed digitally.

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The IED Alpine A4810 project has been a very exciting experience for IED students and teachers”, said Raphael Linari, chief designer at Alpine.

The result is a futuristic supercar which explores new territory for the brand in terms of package, proportions and design language. The different creative approaches of the young talented students combined with the IED knowledge led to some very interesting answers.”, he added.

It has been revealed that it is the Alpine A4810 will be ready by 2035 (year in which the Dieppe brand will blow out 80 candles) and that it will run on hydrogen. Yeah, it turns out battery electric technology got old fast. And there are still 13 years to go!

the name of the car it seems to evoke both the endurance model, the Alpine A480, as well as the street models whose names always end in “10”, such as the Alpine A110. It is actually a reference to the altitude of Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps that joins France and Italy, and that culminates at (almost) 4,810 meters (it is actually 4,808 meters). Alpes, Alpine, etymology, you know…

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