Friday, January 22

Altabix residence: without disinfection until Monday with 9 infected users inside

The Altabix residence.

The Altabix residence.

The City Council has confirmed this morning that the disinfection of the Altabix residence, where 24 cases of coronavirus were declared (27 according to the data handled by the Vox party) has been postponed until next Monday. According to the mayor, the work will not finally be done by the Military Emergency Unit (UME), which already acted in Elche at the beginning of the pandemic, but through a BNQ Unit (Biological, Nuclear and Chemical). The municipality of Elche did not give an explanation for the three-day delay in carrying out the disinfection, despite the fact that the nine users are inside, isolated, and the 15 workers (nurses, assistants, cooks, cleaners) in their houses. In any case, last Thursday the councilor assured in a statement that the disinfection would be “done immediately.” Some of these jobs are unfilled, according to what they say from the Association for the Rights and Welfare of the Elderly in Residences. This means worse care for the hundred users, with all kinds of pathologies, who live in this center that is managed by a concession.

Other sources consulted by this newspaper did know how to explain this three-day delay, since a virucidal much stronger than bleach, which the BNQ Unit uses, will be used.

The work plan for this disinfection, as explained by the mayor, is that on Monday at 11 or 12 in the morning, the rooms are made, and from 9 at night, the common areas. “The mayor asked the Delegation of Government and Emergencies of the Generalitat an intervention of the UME that was the one that came to several places during confinement.

To questions from this newspaper, in an appearance, the mayor, Carlos Gonzalez, has not explained the reasons why it took six days between the PCR tests that detected eight positive users (which was carried out on December 29) and those of the staff (on January 4), where 15 cases were detected and another on a user. The councilor has assured that, after speaking with the director of the residence, the situation is “channeled” and “normalized”. Councilor Esther Díez, present at the appearance, has assured that the Ministry of Equality has asked the Síndic de Greuges to explain to her how she wants the service to be rescued, as she has requested in a recent report in which she asks the Administration to assume direct management.

“The unit is specialized in this disinfection, but we do not know why if this is known from day 5 (the 24 infections) have to prepare the logistics for Monday (day 11), we ask for the EMU on day% .. It is taking a long time, but we only have to accept it because they are the times that they are set, but every hour counts and we are very concerned. We do not consider it to be enough, the only disinfection is that of the cleaners. According to the Association, the director of the residence does not yet know when Public Health is going to repeat the PCR. “We are very understaffed, without nurses or doctors, the time, resources and personnel that are needed are not being invested, but we continue to fight.” No one from the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies has contacted us, and we have contacted them. We hope they breathe and tell us the action plan because the situation requires it. ”

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