Tuesday, August 16

Altar Mexica: the amazing offering made by the Aztecs after the Conquest that was found in Mexico City

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The archaeologist Ximena Castro in front of the excavations

Image source, Mauricio Marat/INAH


The altar was found in a home excavation near Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City.

In what was once the home of a pre-Hispanic Mexica family, archaeologists made an astonishing discovery in Mexico City.

The inhabitants of that house performed a ritual “to give testimony that thus a cycle of their lives and their civilization was ending“.

And it is that the offering they made was made after the taking of the Mexica city of Tenochtitlan, founded by its Aztec predecessors in 1325 and which in 1521 fell to the indigenous-Spanish invasion that led to the Conquest of Mexico.

“Between songs and the smell of copal, the residents arranged in the patio an offering with multiple elements, among which a pot with bone remains (human ashes) and 13 polychrome incense burners of almost one meter in length, used to burn the resin. , explains the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in a statement.


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