Wednesday, January 19

Altea announces a contest for micro stories on gender violence

Vicenta Pérez, Councilor for Equality of Altea

The Department of Equality in the Altea City Council has convened the third edition of the contest for micro stories on gender violence on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that will be held in the municipality on November 25. The Council of Women of the municipality has programmed various activities among which, in addition to the aforementioned contest, the retransmission of a special program of Ràdio Altea from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the representation of a play on micro machismo “that provokes a subsequent discussion between actors, actresses and assistants ”, according to the Councilor for Equality Vicenta Pérez revealed this week.

The mayor pointed out that the contest for micro stories “is coordinated by the departments of Language and Literature of the two public institutes in Altea”, and added that various meetings have been held between the representatives of the Women’s Council and she as president of the same “to prepare the schedule of events for November 25, and report on the latest activities of the Equality area of ​​the Altea City Council ”.

Vicenta Pérez pointed out that these activities “include the recent fitting out of a ‘friendly room’ in the Altea Civil Guard barracks as a complement to the two existing offices for the collection of complaints from women and minors launched this year. And the recent signing of a collaboration agreement with the local association Mujeres con Voz, which is endowed with a municipal subsidy of 5,000 euros per year ”.

Regarding the “friendly room” that has been created in the Altea Civil Guard barracks, the councilor indicated that “it is part of the collaboration between the Altea City Council and the headquarters of the Benemérita. The Department of Equality has provided the ‘friendly room’ with material and children’s furniture, a library and games for minors, in such a way that they suffer as little as possible during the time they have to remain in the barracks. With this room, the minor children of the victims of gender violence will be separated from the rest of the users and will have a more comfortable space where they can remain without the traumas that are present during the statement and the complaints ”, he added.

Finally, in reference to the agreement signed with the local association Mujeres con Voz, Vicenta Pérez explained that the grant of 5,000 euros per year “will allow financing the residence project for women victims of gender violence that the association wants to build, and will strengthen the Feedback from both entities in the implementation of activities and projects such as the enabling of violet points during parties and large events, as well as conducting awareness talks in institutes, a very important issue because lately there has been a wave of cases of violence in some educational centers ”.

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