Monday, November 29

Altea creates an “on-line” platform for local commerce at the initiative of the City Council

Altea has jumped on the “on-line” bandwagon so that merchants and entrepreneurs can sell their products on the Internet. At the initiative of the Department of Commerce, the Virtual Shopping Center has been launched, which will be known as “Altea, your business on the Internet”, where interested businesses or companies will be able to sell online at zero cost. In the project of this “marketplace”, the Council, the Associació Local de Comerciants i Empresaris d’Altea (ALCEA) and the Altea Events Fair (FEVA) have been working together.

This Friday the Virtual Shopping Center was presented in society during a press conference in which the Councilor for Commerce, Miguel de la Hoz, and the presidents of ALCEA and FEVA, Diego Coello and Sergio Pastor respectively, were present.

The mayor indicated that in the last two months “a very intense work has been developed to create the website, as well as the search for the necessary logistics such as the most advantageous payment gateways for merchants, or companies of adequate transport, among other things ”. De la Hoz affirmed that “all this work developed by the Department of Commerce, ALCEA and FEVA, with the coordination carried out by Pedro Almendros and the involvement of our Pepi Durà technique, now culminates with the start of the information and adhesion campaign of companies and businesses in Altea, to end at the end of February when the website is fully operational ”. The councilor said that “between February and March we will incorporate the hospitality business,” and added that currently there is “a confirmed initial promoter group of 50 companies and businesses registered in our city. With this, I believe that all of us who are directly intervening in this Altea Virtual Shopping Center project feel proud of the work we have done so far ”.

One of the most important sales platforms in the province

The presidents of ALCEA and FEVA thanked the Department of Commerce and the Altea City Council “for the implementation of this initiative, which would have been impossible without their involvement due to its high cost”, and were convinced that “Altea tu comercial on the web ”it can become“ one of the most important sales platforms in the province if local businesses are involved, as they are doing, since before going public we have 50 registered ”.

Diego Coello pointed out that online commerce “is part of the future, although we must not forget that the proximity of buying in the physical store and being attended personally is very important for the customer”. The president of ALCEA indicated that during the confinement of the State of Alarm by COVID-19 “many of our associates began to sell over the Internet, and when the de-escalation ended from the association we contacted the Councilor for Commerce so that his council began to work to create an online platform as has been achieved. Then, when choosing the logo for the website, we made our suggestion that it be inspired by the winning sculpture of the project ‘En el nom d’Altea’ from the latest participatory budgets ”.

For his part, Sergio Pastor, president of FEVA, remarked that “this is a great opportunity for local businesses to make themselves known and sell their products all over the world. This initiative is a business opportunity that comes to support face-to-face sales at a time when commerce is having a bad time ”.

Added value for businesses and companies

Miguel de la Hoz indicated that the launch of this “Marketplace” is “an added value for all shops, companies and businesses in our city, especially at this time generated by the situation of restrictions we are experiencing due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, and because of the strong momentum that online sales have been having in recent months, and its growth forecasts in the coming months and years ”.

The mayor remarked that in the Altea City Council “we support the economic sectors of commerce and services, so important in the economic and social life of our city” for which with this on-line sales platform “we make available to our businesses and businesses a new communication channel with their current and potential customers through a tool that promotes the development of omnichannel in our companies that allows them to work for their customers 24 hours a day, where they want and how they want ”.

De la Hoz explained that all the costs of implementing the system, the maintenance of the platform and the basic actions of advertising and promotion of the platform “will be assumed by the Altea City Council for the years 2020 and 2021”, and added that the fee Registration “will be free for members of ALCEA and FEVA as a measure to promote associations and in response to the involvement and work of these groups throughout the process. While the other businesses that register through the website before next January 31 will pay a symbolic fee of 50 euros for the year 2021. If they do so later, during the rest of the year, this fee will be 100 euros ” .

An intuitive and attractive website

Regarding the operation of the website, the councilor reported that “as users or clients we will be able to access in an easy, intuitive and attractive way, locate the products grouped in the corresponding categories, stores grouped by sector, etc. And make our purchases ”. Purchases can be received at home in two ways: “the same day if we make our purchase before 1 pm; or the next morning, if we have done them during the afternoon, whether we live in the municipality of Altea, or anywhere in the Valencian Community or Murcia. And from 24 to 48 hours if we live in any other part of Spain, Europe, or the world. We will also be able to collect our prepared orders in the store, if we so wish ”. And as for the payment gateways, the web allows you to pay easily and by the usual means: by credit card, paypal, cash on delivery, or Bizum.

Finally, Miguel de la Hoz said that “companies, businesses or businesses will be able to incorporate all the products they want to the platform, since the available space is unlimited, and they will be able to define the forms of payment, among all the possible ones. Apart from that they will be able to decide if they want to use their own delivery system or that of the platform ”. Regarding the time of incorporating the information of the businesses and their products to the platform, “they can do it directly, that is carried out by a specialized company with which they are working, or through the ‘Marketplace’ itself, which will put a service that facilitate this task at a preferential price. In the first incorporation of information, we will facilitate the realization of this process ”.

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