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Altea launches a pioneering online sales platform in the region for local businesses

Presentation of the platform

Presentation of the platform

Altea has launched the online sales platform “Altea Market” for use by businesses and companies in the municipality thanks to the joint initiative of the Department of Commerce, the Associació Local de Comerciants i Empresaris d’Altea (ALCEA) and the Altea Events Fair (FEVA), and the collaboration of the AFIC Network (Network of Agencies for the Promotion of Commercial Innovation) of the Generalitat Valenciana that promotes the process of modernization and organization of local commerce. The platform, a pioneer in the region “or possibly in the province”, according to the Councilor for Commerce Miguel de la Hoz, has been in the making for half a year and currently has “the participation of 68 companies and 4,315 products and services of all kinds,” said De la Hoz on Monday during the presentation of the platform “which will be fully operational on the 23rd” to that the public “can make their purchases by accessing the web”.

The mayor recalled that at the beginning of last December “we have already advanced the creation of the Virtual Shopping Center ‘Altea Market’ where the interested businesses or companies in the municipality could access for free “, and added that “it was at the beginning of September when we held a meeting with the representatives of ALCEA and FEVA to encourage trade at a time when sales were being lost and businesses were closing due to the COVID-19 crisis. From there we decided to embark on this future project by creating a Work Table and the City Council committing to fully finance the creation of the platform and its website so that Altea merchants and entrepreneurs could sell online at zero cost ”.

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In the presentation of Altea Market and its catalog of companies and products, Miguel de la Hoz was accompanied by the member of the ALCEA board of directors who is currently part of the Working Group, Pablo Saval, and by the president of the Trade Fair. Events Altea, Sergio Pastor. The mayor indicated that “the pandemic that we are going through was the final blow that pushed us to materialize this project as soon as possible adapting to the new times that people demand: online shopping”, which is why “between the three entities (Department of Commerce, ALCEA and FEVA) we created a roadmap to make this project a reality, since we saw help for local commerce as essential, especially in online sales, in such a way that we considered that it was more profitable than group all the shops and companies of Altea in a platform instead of each one having its own independent online sale since it is more expensive and has costs that are difficult to assume in these times ”.

The implementation phases of Altea Market

The mayor explained that “once created branding, logo and typography“In the first phase of the implementation of Altea Market,” we carried out a campaign for the adhesion of businesses, in addition to looking for the necessary logistics such as the most advantageous payment gateways for merchants, or the appropriate transport companies, among others things”. Once these points were closed, “with many advantages for merchants, we went on to the webinar phase with participating merchants to teach them how to photograph their products and upload them to the platform with their description and price.” Miguel de la Hoz indicated that “we have held many meetings to be able to reach this moment when it can be said that the launch of this pioneering virtual platform in the region and province is beginning”, and added that “today there are 68 companies and 4,315 products and services of all kinds in Altea Market, in addition to the fact that there are 15 other registered companies that are finishing closing their business information and their products to be present on the 23rd, when the platform is operational and citizens can buy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the added value that they can have their products at home the same day if they live in Altea or within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the population of their home. ”

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Finally, the Councilor for Commerce explained that “we are now beginning a campaign divided into two phases: in the first, lasting 15 days, we will carry out actions with the aim of attract traffic to the web so that they know us and know how to reach us. And a second with an estimated duration of 2 months where the actions to be developed encourage sales”. De la Hoz announced that later “catering establishments will be included in the Virtual Shopping Center platform.”

For its part, Pablo Saval and Sergio Pastor thanked the Altea City Council “for this important support for Altea commerce with the launch of the Internet sales platform.” They emphasized “the benefits offered by this initiative at a time when many users are increasingly betting on a shopping model that saves time, avoids crowds and puts the products of local commerce within their reach any day and time of the week” , and they asserted that the Altea Market platform “has the guarantee of the umbrella of institutional collaboration and the main commercial associations of the municipality.” Finally, Saval encouraged businesses that are not yet adhered “to do so. It is a way of being closer to customers and has the added value that their businesses are open 24 hours a day with access for everyone ”. Pastor remarked that “the management of merchants in their online sales will be supervised so that they are optimal and that they reach customers in the set times of 12, 24 or 48 hours depending on the destination.”

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