Wednesday, June 29

Although we are not favorites – Information

Either because of the desire I had to see live basketball again or because of how the match itself developed, the fact is that I spent two and a half hours of the most entertaining and I had a lot of fun. It is not easy to connect the first time with a team that has had the vast majority of its parts changed, but my first impression, beyond the disappointing outcome, was that the board has done a good job replacing the long-awaited Urtasun, Allen, Bilbao, Galán, etc. Little by little the roles within the team will be established, but it seemed to me that there is quality to spare in the base and guard positions and that it will not be easy to fit them all when Justin Pitts re-enters the rotation. Another piece of good news was that Van Zegeren greatly improves in intensity and regularity over his predecessor in the center position, and that the team is not short of shooters either, and is that in principle any coach would want to have a Croat and a Lithuanian.

What was clear was that on the door of the boss’s office he continues to write Pedro Llompart in large letters, dispelling any doubts that his physical problems had sown last season. Problems that, on the other hand, brought us the best possible news for Alicante basketball, the presence in important minutes of Guillem Arcos, participation that we hope will not be reduced with the return of Pitts. The youth squad connects with the fans for his flights and for being “one of us”, while the American was the one who returned many of us to the pavilion. In what García de Vitoria did not hesitate was when he had to choose the person in charge of trying to decide the clash.

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Those two identical “basket chances” for Simmons might well have avoided both overtime, but that’s how unpredictable basketball is. It will be interesting to see if in the future it is he who continues to hold the license to shoot in those circumstances or if he does it “MVPitts” as in previous exercises, and we will have to see how two players coexist with such a tendency to knead the ball in the one against one.

Although the victory went to Oviedo due to errors of the local team and the intelligence of another veteran like Arteaga in the last rebound, my last thought, apart from the fact that the Ferrándiz seats are not the most comfortable when the game goes to the second overtime, it was for fans who had missed the show. Surely the bridge had a lot to do with it, but it would be beneficial if those who were able to attend but did not join a stand that does not put baskets, but it can create an environment conducive to decanting those actions that can be decisive. Although we are not favorites for promotion, the more we are, the easier it will be to regain that connection with the team that we have been reconquering in recent years.

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