Saturday, October 16

Altozano will present to his positions 2022 at the foot of his castle of Moors and Christians

A moment from one of the 2019 parades.

A moment from one of the 2019 parades.

The assembly of the festive castle will kick off the events organized by the Association of Comparsas de Moros y Cristianos de Altozano on August 6, coinciding with the usual dates of its popular festivals, but which for the second consecutive year cannot be held. normally due to the health situation derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

The festive castle will be integrated into the stage that will host, on Conde de Lumiares avenue, the presentation of charges 2022 on Saturday, August 7, at 9:00 p.m. The main protagonists will be the sisters Belén and Paqui Reyes, from the Corsarios troupe, who hold the Captaincy. In addition to the flag bearers and captains of the rest of the troupes, the Major Flag bearer, Yanira Reyes, will also perform.

On Friday, August, at 8:30 p.m., in the Plaza de Luis Braille, the presentation of the festival magazine will take place, prepared by Rocío San Cristóbal, a member of the board. It will be a way to graphically capture the last celebrations, those of 2019, and the middle of the year 2020.

The next day, Saturday August 13, at ten o’clock at night, the Night Embassy will be held, with the participation of the charges and the parties who have voluntarily signed up, always respecting the covid sanitary measures in force. A ballet will perform and a guerrilla struggle will be represented by a group of specialists and the Mora Embassy will be represented, but without gunpowder, due to the health situation. The Ambassadors will be Ángel and Ángel Reyes, father and son, from the Los Sheques troupe, with which this year the Reyes family will take over the festive positions of the Moors and Christians of Altozano.

Then, at midnight, the Alborada will take place, where the Virgin of the Assumption will be brought out at the doors of the church of San Pablo, for a music band to interpret the Altozano Hymn and the Spanish Hymn. Then a fireworks display will go off, with all the security measures, from the José Rico Pérez stadium parking lot, in honor of the patron saint of the celebrations.

Finally, on Sunday, August 15, the mass and the offering of food and belongings to the Cottolengo del Padre Alegre will be celebrated.

In addition, from August 9 to 15 there will be an exhibition of festive costumes from the different groups in shops in the neighborhood.

For the president of the Comparsas de Moros y Cristianos de Altozano, Miriam Parodi, these events have been organized “because the party cannot be missed, and the festeros need a little encouragement, encouragement, affection, and we do it to keep the hope that next year we will be able to live again, all together, our beloved festivals of Moros y Cristianos de Altozano ».

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