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Alves, the experience that Barça lacks

  • The Brazilian side shows that Barça has not made a mistake when playing him back. On the way to 39 years, he offers the Barça goal and provides the veteran that a team of young talents suffers from, which still commits youthful sins. Like the expulsion of the impetuous Gavi, which cost two vital points.

“I just need a victory for everything to return to its place,” sang Los Planetas, the famous band from Granada. Who, their singer, joined Barça after seeing Cruyff play at Los Cármenes. In that stadium in which the Dutch genius began to change Barça’s history, Xavi’s team could return to Champions League positions if they won. He had it in his hand, but Gavi’s expulsion changed the scene. The experience that Alves brings is what the Teenage dream.

«You are not the wrong person, I have been behind you for a long time; so use these wings, you just have to go up », he intoned Who in The collector. Alves, who only needs the World Cup to complete his glittering collection of titles, continues to prove every day that those who made fun of his signing were wrong. On the way to 39, he brings not only seniority, but also talent and energy in abundance.

Luuk looks like another De Jong

From the boots of the Brazilian winger came the goal of a Luuk de Jong who has also taken off with the new year, released just when he knows that he is about to leave the Camp Nou. Despite the fact that almost no one would say that he is the right forward for Barça, the Dutch tank has scored two goals in a week.

He feels like a player again, just like Collado in Granada. After being frustrated his signing for Sheffield in the summer market and not being able to be re-registered as a Barça player, he played at Los Cármenes, his new home, and his first meeting since May against the team of his life. Fate has prevented him from playing with Gavi, who was expelled. The talented and impetuous Andalusian midfielder, who did not play in Mallorca due to the accumulation of cards, saw two in his return to eleven. “Experience and trade is won with matches,” Xavi valued about the play that marked the match. «He is a player who gives us a lot and his expulsion has greatly diminished us, it is evidence. It is time to keep the ball and be patient. It’s the same feeling as in Pamplona: you lose two points due to our punctual mistakes », lamented the Barça coach, after seeing that a vital victory was slipping away from him.

“In the second half we should have had more ball, not finish the plays so fast and have more patience”


Busquets, another veteran like Alves, needed a little more patience. «In the second half we should have had more of the ball after our goal. We didn’t have to finish the plays so fast and have more patience. Everything was complicated with the expulsion. Then it was difficult for us to have the ball more », said the captain. It will be necessary to see if the arrival of reinforcements for the Super Cup (Pedri, Ansu and, if the fair play economic does not prevent it, Ferran Torres) allows Sergio to lift the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

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Looking for a good day

A trophy that the Barça squad trusts can be the true turning point of the season. “Another competition, a difficult game, different, we face it with great enthusiasm, eager to go for a title in the middle of the season,” said Busquets. For this they will first need, on Wednesday in the semifinal against Madrid, to have a good day, as the most memorable song of Los Planetas was called.


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