Thursday, September 23

Alyeda Ortiz exclusively: “I think I have minimized myself”

Aleyda Ortiz is one of the participating stars of ‘Look Who Dances All Stars’ 2021, and this new opportunity woke up something that she dreams of since she was little and that had slept inside her: being in a musical on Broadway.

If it was his dream, why did he give it up? In an exclusive interview, where he opens his heart, he confesses what he believes has been a constant in his life, which today he is not willing to give more cavities: “I think I have minimized myself”.

Aleyda achieved her first step in the media by winning ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’From there to a contract at Univision, where he was in several shows … Today he is in charge of ‘Gangas and Deals’, and today in ‘Mira Quien Baila’, he confesses that he discovered, among many things, that anesthetized love: “I love the stage, I am considering waking up the dream that I had packaged, I had taken them from the movie of my life… ‘Nuestra Belleza’ was the dream that I could, it’s already been 7 years, and I’ve had ups and downs, but here I have discovered that it gives me satisfaction, I love the stage, I even like acting. I needed this other level in my life“.

A Broadway musical perhaps?

All my life I’ve been a Broadway fan, My dad was raised in New York, he is a classical music composer, he fascinates me, I respect musical theater and all the arts … I always dreamed of that, what happens is that you grow up and have to get to work, reality gets in front of you and one says: let me stop dreaming, let me do a few things, “says Aleyda.

But despite that, life has led her to the path sought and so she reasons: “In my life one thing has led me to another, I was chubby, low and I decide to become a model… From one moment to another, in the chain where I work, They offer me this opportunity, and I discover that I have the ability, and God will know, tomorrow I will be in a Grammys, in an Oscars, everything has been like this, little by little ”.

In the first ‘Look Who Baila All Stars’ gala, the winner was Chef Yisus, who proved to surpass himself from the first dance to the second. Nevertheless, for many it was Aleyda who should have wonWhat does she think?

I recognize that I have ability, that is good and bad, and I also know that they will demand more of me and that is a bittersweet taste because what fault do I have of having skill… I am very demanding with myself, the meringue I could do better ... Yisus was thrown, because he did achieve the transformation from the first dance to the second dance, and on that the judges are based on looking at the levels ”.

Throughout the entire interview, which you can see in full on video below, Aleyda repeats the word ‘dreams’, that of feeling ‘stagnant’, and what has motivated her to be in this reality show … So we asked her, what does she want?

“I have questioned it these days… My husband always says I’m a good actress, and my mom always told me. I think that I have minimized myself over the years, as I managed to lose weight and as this is enough, I won ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ and I said to myself: this is enough. I went on television and it’s enough, and now I ask myself, why? Why do I have this mentality of putting a ceiling on my dreams?

Now I think there is something, returning to the Aleyda girl, is to return to being an artist … I dreamed, (cries) and it gives me an emotion of joy … I remember cleaning my room, and I swore that I was on a stage folding clothes, it was my escape, my way of expressing myself … I imagined everything, I always imagined myself talking, singing, acting and even dancing, why not. I want everything, I want to express myself everywhere“.


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