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Amazon Fire TV Cube (2022): features, price and why it’s worth buying

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Possibly the most misunderstood Amazon product, but one of the highest quality you can buy: this is the Amazon Fire TV Cube update for 2022.

It has always been the Amazon product that has aroused the least interest from users, especially from everyone looking for a streaming player, but with this new version, Fire TV Cube It may be the product you were looking for.

He is the older brother of all Amazon Fire HD Playersbut also the only model that is external, that is, it does not connect and “hides” behind the TV.

This streaming player is one of the more advanced, better featured and faster that you can buy right now, but it’s not for everyone.

Amazon’s most advanced streaming media player with Alexa voice control and WiFi 6e support and 4K Ultra HD video.

Although Amazon’s Fire HD products start from just 20 euros on sale, the most interesting player in stick format for its value for money can be Fire HD 4K for less than 30 euros.

We want you to save money and that when you spend it you do it with the best possible information so that you can make a good decision, that’s why we are going to talk about why you should buy this Fire TV Cube instead of other models, so you can check if it is for you or not

  1. external design
  2. More powerful and faster
  3. With the fastest WiFi
  4. Voice control with Alexa
  5. control decoders
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The “external” and large Fire TV

It is certainly one of the most differently designed Fire TVs you can buy right now. Unlike the rest of its family, the Fire TV Cube doesn’t hide behind the TV. On the contrary, you have to install it near the TV in your cabinet.

The design in cube format is because inside it has speakers and microphones that let you talk to Alexa. In addition, it has more connections to use other devices.

It is important to take this into account because you will need to connect it in a place close to your TV, and although you can put it behind your TV, it is best that you have it in sight so that the microphones can hear you much better and have access to its control buttons. of volume.

Also, Fire TV Cube has USB port to connect a webcam and be able to make video calls with other users with Echo Show or from the Alexa application

The fastest Fire TV, both in performance and internet connection

Amazon upgrades the performance of this streaming player and speaker with a mysterious new octa-core processor that the company says is 20% faster than the previous Fire TV Cubebut more interestingly, it’s up to 50% more than a Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

The new processor is also capable of video resolution scaling. If you connect it to a 4K TV, videos in lower quality will automatically be intelligently resized to the closest thing to 4K.

The performance will be noticeable above all in the time it takes for the applications to open, in addition to the improvement in content loading speed, because this player it also has Wi-Fi 6e.

With the fastest WiFi to take advantage of your internet connection

With the WiFi 6e connection you can take advantage of much shorter waiting times when loading internet content. Your 4K movies from Prime Video, Disney+, HBO or Netflix will take less time to load.

To take advantage of this connection you will need a router compatible with WiFi 6, and if you are still using the old router that your operator gave you when they did the installation, it is time to change it.

This Fire TV Cube is an Echo speaker with Alexa

Why is Fire TV Cube bigger than other players? Because in reality this player is the union of two products, a Fire TV Stick and an Echo Dot.

It has built-in speakers and microphones so you can talk to Alexa. With the help of this virtual assistant you will be able to control your TV, products connected to the home such as light bulbs, plugs, vacuum cleaners and other products of the “Internet of things”.

You can control your TV, your sound bar, TV receivers from wherever you want with your voice.

Do you use internet TV decoder from your operator? This Fire TV will be able to control it

Amazon for the first time includes two HDMI ports on this Fire TV Cube. One input connection and one output connection.

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This allows you to connect this Fire TV Cube to your TV, but also connect a cable, satellite or internet decoder like the one put by the operators and that Alexa can change the channel for you.

East Fire TV Cube is compatible with Movistar, Orange and Vodafone decoders and if you have a satellite deco, you will have to check its compatibility directly when you have it. You will only have to tell Alexa to change the channel to the one you want and it will do it instantly.

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