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Amazon Music launches a section of ‘podcasts’ for its users in Spain | Technology

Amazon Music

Amazon Music continues to seek its niche in the burgeoning music industry. podcasts. The company has announced the launch of a section of podcasts for its users in Spain with full access from all subscription plans offered by the service, at no additional cost. It is a wide catalog of programs, such as Mind facts, TED in Spanish, Stories in English with Duolingo O The Wild Project, as well as original productions for Amazon Music. Users will be able to access these contents in the format podcast through the app for iOS and Android, as well as from Amazon Echo, Amazon’s multifunctional smart speaker.

“We are very happy to be able to expand from today the catalog of services that we offer to our clients in Spain with a new experience that will allow them to listen podcasts through Amazon Music ”, Craig Strachan, Head of Podcasts Europe, highlighted this Wednesday when making the announcement. “Our customers will be able to make use of the voice control functions, which they already know and love, to access even more content and, from now on, also enjoy a superior listening experience podcastsas well as discovering totally new programs that will become your favorites ”.

Amazon Music opens a gap in the podcast industry and has landed in Spain.
Amazon Music opens a gap in the podcast industry and has landed in Spain.Amazon Music

The giant also wants his share

With a value of 220,791 million dollars and topping the list of the most valuable technologies in the West, above Google, Apple and Microsoft, the giant boasts a wide range of products and services. Among them, one-click purchases in the world’s largest digital store, the service of streaming Amazon Prime —one of Netflix’s main competitors—, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa. And now, it begins to focus energy and resources on the burgeoning industry of the podcast.

Its main competition is the king, Spotify. The Swedish company Daniel Ek has tripled the amount of podcasts on its platform and its offer has increased from 700 thousand podcasts in 2019 to 2.2 million today. A poll published at the beginning of February by the data and statistics site Statista reveals that Spotify was the number one provider of this type of format during 2020, with 31% of the market share, above Apple Podcasts (22%), Pandora (13%) and iHeartRadio (11%), its main competitors. Amazon Music is not listed.

But the road is long, and Amazon’s resources are vast for now. In addition, the market for podcast Aspects such as the rapid digitization of the world and the coronavirus pandemic seem to be working in its favor. The Reuters Institute Digital News Report de 2019 revealed that South Korea, Spain, Ireland and Sweden top the list of countries with the highest number of users, followed by the United States, Italy, Canada and Australia. In Europe it is expected that the value of advertising investments in format podcast reach 207 million euros in 2023.

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