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Ambitious Interborough Express plan to travel between Brooklyn and Queens without going through Manhattan: Governor of New York presents first images

Massive and rapid travel between southern Brooklyn and central Queens is the promise of the projected “Interborough Express” transportation service..

“Proud to announce that we are moving forward with a major transit project in New York City: the new Interborough Express Tram. This line will connect Brooklyn and Queens, reducing commute times and facilitating connection to Metro lines along the route.” posted yesterday on Twitter the gobernadora Kathy Hochul.

The announced new transit line, which until now only exists on paper, could transport users from Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) to Jackson Heights (Queens) in 40 minutes or less and connect up to 17 Metro lines and improve links with Manhattan summed up NY1 News.

The idea is take advantage of a currently underutilized 14-mile freight rail line. But the “Interborough Express Tram” must overcome many financial and structural questions, among others, before beginning its construction. Hochul said that already a “feasibility study” has been completed by the MTA and with that he can move on to his next stage, which is environmental review and community engagement.

New authorities like Mayor Eric Adams and his successor in the presidency of Brooklyn, Antonio Reynoso, have declared their support. “Interborough Express may finally make it possible to reduce car dependency in many Brooklyn neighborhoods,” said the Hispanic politician.

The MTA estimates that the new line would transport up to 88,000 passengers per day. Agency President Janno Lieber told reporters Thursday that the transit line would be priced in “single-digit billions of dollars,” and that construction would take three to five years, beginning after a roughly two-year federal environmental review, narrowed New York Post.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards is also in favor. “For too many Queens families and communities, the inability to travel between boroughs quickly and efficiently has been an unnecessary detriment to economic health and, frankly, the ability to grow,” he said. “By transforming these existing freight lines, connecting Bay Ridge and Jackson Heights we can connect thousands of families in each county while reducing travel times.”

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The “Interborough Express Tram” is a plan that has been in the air for decades and would still require many steps to come to fruition. Even could suffer the same fate as the controversial AirTrain project at LaGuardia Airport, recently suspended due to complaints between neighbors and politicians, including Governor Hochul herself, alleging environmental and noise impacts, even though it had received the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Port Authority (PANYNJ). Works were scheduled to begin this year and be inaugurated in 2025.

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