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Amblin: Steven Spielberg ficha por Netflix | Cultura

Steven Spielberg, out and about in Beverly Hills in February 2019.
Steven Spielberg, out and about in Beverly Hills in February 2019.Chris Pizzello / AP

The production company Amblin Partner, owned by Steven Spielberg, and the Netflix digital platform have announced an agreement whereby the first company will produce several films (talks about movies, not series) for the company of streaming for several years. There is not much more information about the agreement, which does not specify if some of those titles could be directed by the filmmaker himself, but what does clarify is that the relationship between Amblin and Universal studio (where the offices are even physically located) does not it will undergo no variation. Universal has for decades distributed films produced by Amblin, such as Green Book Y 1917, in 2020 renewed its alliance for five years – in which it will provide three to five films per season – and on its calendar is, for June 2022, the launch of Jurassic World: dominion. Spielberg’s new job, the musical West Side Story, It will be released by Disney in December.

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In the statement, Spielberg said: “At Amblin, stories have always been at the center of everything we do, and from the minute Ted [Sarandos, uno de los responsables de Netflix] and I began to negotiate, it was clear that we had an amazing opportunity to tell new stories together and reach the public in new ways. “

Although Spielberg is one of the great defenders of the need for theaters to survive, he has always made statements about a future of cinemas limited to event films. In 2019 there was a rumor, denied by the filmmaker, who claimed that he had defended before the governing board of the Hollywood academy the prohibition of platform films that had not been released on a big screen from participating in the Oscars.

With Spielberg, Netflix adds another big one to its list of directors, in which there are already creators such as David Fincher or Guillermo del Toro. This movement is part of the war between platforms, which for two years have faced each other to have more attractive titles for potential customers. In May, Amazon bought the Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) film studios for 6.91 billion euros. Thus, Jeff Bezos’ company added to its Prime platform a library of 4,000 titles, and the agreement included the successful franchises of James Bond and Rocky, but left out classic titles that helped to forge the legendary reputation of MGM as The Wizard of Oz, Singing under the rain Y Gone With the Wind, among others: the rights to productions prior to 1986 are owned by Warner.

Days before that purchase, the giant AT&T decided to spin off its WarnerMedia company from its trunk and merge it with Discovery, another great content creation company, thus emerging a powerful product division that will feed its platform. The merger, set to close in 2022, allows both companies to bring together HBO fictions, CNN news, Animal Planet and Discovery documentaries, Oprah Winfrey’s lifestyle shows and popular TV broadcasts under one roof. Food Network, for example.

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