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Ambush on horseback to notify Prince Andrew of the complaint



It is an open secret that Queen Elizabeth II has a favorite son, Prince Andrew, who is, unfortunately, the one who has given her the most headaches in recent years. After he had to abandon his royal duties at the end of 2019, after granting an interview to the BBC in which he backfired in his intention to clean up his image for his controversial relationship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the local press revealed that on several occasions the prince took long horseback rides with his mother. However, even that hobby could now be a risky activity, since it has been known that the lawyers of Virginia Giuffre, one of the alleged victims of the Epstein plot and that only a week ago filed a lawsuit against the prince in a A court in New York for having sexually abused her when she was a minor, they considered ambushing her during a horse ride at Windsor Castle in order to deliver the official notification of the complaint.

And, according to the Hague Convention, the legal team of Virginia Giuffre, maiden name Roberts, has 120 days to deliver the legal documents in person to the prince or his lawyers could request that the case be dismissed. Once he receives the papers, the prince has 21 days to respond.

However, British tabloids cite sources close to the Palace according to which the Duke of York may be thinking of hiding for months at the monarch’s residence in Scotland, Balmoral Castle. A source told ‘The Mirror’ that the lawyers know how difficult it will be to deliver the notice in person because “they have already been trying to talk to him for five years” and they had the “hope of giving it to him if he went out on his horse”, but the reality is that “I could go for months without leaving Balmoral.”


Virginia Giuffre’s father, Sky Roberts, told The Sun newspaper that the prince should be “ashamed of himself” and that “royalty is not above the law. They can’t just do what they want. ” Roberts assured that he supports his daughter 100% and that he believes that he will be victorious despite the fact that the accused is a man “with money and power.”

On the other hand, a former Epstein employee, Steve Scully, 71, assured the newspaper ‘The Sun’ that he is willing to testify in court against the prince, whom he once saw “kissing and rubbing with a blonde in bikini »next to a pool on the island that Epstein had in the Caribbean, and that according to him, was Giuffre. “I was talking on the phone and he was by the pool with Virginia. As soon as I saw it, I recognized it. And I thought, ‘If I had a camera in my bag right now, I’d have a $ 50,000 photo.’

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