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America promises to end greenhouse gases by 2050

President Biden highlighted his environmental plan at COP26.

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The administration of President Joe Biden presented a strategy that seeks to end greenhouse gases by 2050, as part of the agenda promised by the president during the campaign.

The plan, unveiled in the middle of the COP26 global climate conference, is that the United States would try to eliminate or offset all of its climate pollution.

The Biden Administration intends to switch to clean energy sources for electricity generationIn addition to advancing the route for certain sectors to ensure their operation with electricity, such as automobiles, buildings and industrial processes.

Too It is intended to increase energy efficiency and expand the use of technology that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, said the national climate advisor Gina McCarthy.

“Our investments and policies will boost our economy … and improve the quality of life,” said the expert.

The plan is that by 2050 electricity could provide 15 to 42 percent of primary energy in the United States.

Its progress depends on the budget approval of Congress, where the Build Back Better agenda continues with an uncertain future before the negotiations of the social package, where $ 555,000 million dollars are contemplated for climate and energy issues.

Environmental leadership

President Biden highlighted his proposal at CPOP26, where he even apologized to the world for the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, which occurred in 2017 by the president’s decision. Donald Trump.

However, he assured that his administration is advancing in the new environmental plans.

“Our administration has been working hard to unlock clean energy advancements to lower the cost of technologies that will require us to achieve net zero emissions and to work with the private sector on the next generation of technologies that will power a clean economy of the future,” said the agent in Glasgow, Scotland.

He added that in the next few days, his Government will announce several initiatives that will underpin the commitment to provide innovative solutions in multiple sectors, such as agriculture, oil and gas. There will also be concrete plans on combating deforestation.

“We are planning a short-term ‘sprint’ until 2030 … and a marathon that will take us to the finish line and transform the world’s largest economy into an engine of prosperity, innovation and equity,” he said.

He considered that his plan for 2050 will help transform the economy and production systems “in the most decisive decade.”

President Biden’s environmental plan has been recognized by organizations in the field, such as Climate Power, which referred a few days ago to the plan integrated in the $ 1.75 billion budget project.

“The legislation puts the United States in position to face the threat of climate change and worsening wildfires, floods and hurricanes, while creating millions of clean energy jobs and reducing electricity bills for working families. throughout the country ”, considered that organization.

Help other countries

President Biden said he will seek to help other countries in their efforts against climate change, especially developing nations.

“(We want to) accelerate their transition to clean energy, tackle pollution and ensure that we all must share a cleaner, safer and healthier planet,” he said.

He even noted that his government keeps its promise to the United Nations – made in September – to quadruple our climate finance support for developing countries by 2024.

“This commitment has made possible each of our collective goals of mobilizing $ 100 billion annually for climate finance,” he said.

The president said that will promote its Build Back Better World agenda, which has been outlined with the G7 partners.

Another plan that is advancing is with the European Union, with which a Global Methane Commitment was launched to reduce emissions of that gas to less than 30 percent by the end of the decade.

“More than 70 countries have already signed up to support the rapid reduction of methane pollution, and I encourage all nations to do so,” he said.

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