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American Pickers critics slam show as a ‘flop’ without fired star Frank Fritz

AMERICAN Pickers critics claim “no one cares about the show anymore” without fired co-host Frank Fritz.

Host Mike Wolfe, 58, promoted a brand new episode of American Pickers on Twitter but felt the wrath from viewers.

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe felt the wrath from fans on Twitter


American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe felt the wrath from fans on TwitterCredit: History
All this comes after fired star Frank Fritz suffered a stroke


All this comes after fired star Frank Fritz suffered a strokeCredit: Coleman-Rayner

The History Channel star tweeted that he would be “picking through Mary Stander’s property.” 

Mike and Jersey Jon, also known as Jon Szalay, are expected to “uncover a pair of 19th-century coopered columns” during the most recent installment. 

His tweet, however, was met with harsh criticism from angry viewers. 

One critic said: “No one cares anymore. The show is a flop without Frank.”

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Another blasted: “The show is a joke. I’ve been buying and selling for 47 years now, and pretty much everything they do is bullsh*t.

“It’s a made-up show, but as usual…”

A third added: “You have lost your audience. That’s why your show has mixed-in segments with Frank in them in between the new ones, so people will watch your show. 

“Every time there’s a new Picker, it’s just a reminder to me that that guy is supposed to be Frank’s replacement.”

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“Sorry to see Robbie still stinking up the History Channel,” another person added referring to Mike’s brother Robbie.


Viewers have been begging executive producers to get rid of Robbie, 60, who replaced Frank, 56, on the show.

Fans have made it clear they have not warmed up to Frank’s replacement.

They argued that Robbie has been a curse on the show and the reason behind the ratings plummeting.

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One fan raged that Robbie is “a disaster, but Mike won’t admit it,” while another fan said that he “should not be on camera.”

Frank was fired from the reality series in July 2021 after he exited the show to recover from his brutal back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.


Recently, Mike’s brother shared an Instagram photo of himself surrounded by Elvis Presley impersonators.

At the Bix 7 Road Race in Davenport, Iowa, the TV star posed with his finger pointed straight ahead, like the numerous lookalikes around him, as they took part in the race.

Robbie appeared to be having fun at the event, which was held to commemorate jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke.

He captioned the post: “Good times Bix Road Race.”


Robbie’s post came out about sixteen days after former host Frank suffered a stroke.

Frank has remained in the hospital since July 14th  after a friend found him on the floor of his Iowa home. 

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Frank’s father, Bill Fritz, exclusively spoke to The Sun and gave an update about his son’s health.

Bill revealed that his son is in “stable” condition. 

Frank is said to be in 'stable' condition


Frank is said to be in ‘stable’ conditionCredit: Instagram / Mike Wolfe
Mike's brother Robbie Wolfe posed with Elvis Presley impersonators and partied days after Frank's stroke


Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe posed with Elvis Presley impersonators and partied days after Frank’s strokeCredit: Instagram
Mike and Frank posed for a photo together


Mike and Frank posed for a photo togetherCredit: Getty

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