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Amparo Vayà, first woman to win the Premi de Teatre Breu Evarist García

The winner, Amparo Vayà, on the right, next to Julia Parra.

The winner, Amparo Vayà, on the right, next to Julia Parra.

Amparo Vayá Gómez has become the first woman winner of the XXI Evarist Garcia Short Theater Award in Valencian driven by Provincial Council of Alicante. The Valencian writer and actress has won this award for the play “Históries amb minúscules”,

This has been announced by the vice president and deputy for Culture, Julia Parra, during the announcement of the award, together with the winner. “The objective is to encourage, promote and disseminate the works in Valencian by authors from the Valencian Community and support the theater by honoring our great references, Evarist García.”

Vayá highlighted the importance of this award “because any support for culture is essential.” She also showed her surprise and joy at being the first woman to obtain this recognition, a fact about which he commented that “we are on the right track.”

The winning work has been unanimously chosen to receive the 3.000 euros Of the prize. Parra highlighted the high level of participation. A total of 15 works and the jury, chaired by the vice president, has been made up of Jaume Sellés, technician of the Ministry of Education; Isabel Marcillas, doctor in Catalan Philology from the UA; Jaume Lloret, Professor of Catalan Philology at the UA, and Rosa Llorens, Graduated in Geography and History.

On the other hand, on December 21, the Arniches Theater will host a dramatized reading of the play with the actresses Laura Useleti, Pepa Juan Y Myriam Garcés, under the direction of Vayá. The performance will be accompanied by a audiovisual support that will offer images contextualizing the argument behind the different scenes.

“Històries amb minúscules” tells four stories framed in as many historical moments: the day Spain won the World Cup, the Pope’s visit to Valencia, the 23F and the day of Franco’s death. “Four independent scenes, narrated chronologically backwards, that take place on the same day and at the same time as these great events, with eight female characters of different ages, social classes and ideologies, conditioned by the moment they have to live”, explained Vayá .

Amparo Vayá

Degree in ESAD and in Art History in Valencia, Vayá is an actress, teacher, director and theater writer, born in Sagunto (Valencia). He has performed in various companies such as Arden, Bramant, Anem Anant, Micalet, Carmen Teatre or La Pavana, and has been assistant director of Chema Cardeña Y Carles Alberola.

In addition, he has written and directed his own texts such as “Rodrigo, dear teacher” (Passió per Sagunt, Festival Sagunt on stage); “The without hats, silenced generation”; “For love”; “De bars” and “Despropòsits”, the latter Premi Teatre Micalet. He has also been in charge of the works “Per amor” and “Amunt l’Sporting” (Calígula Teatre), “La clau de la conquista” (Monastery of Puig), “The wounds of the wind” (Stres de quatre), ” Sonnica y Acteón “and” Ciudad Factoría “.

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