Sunday, September 26

An accident will mark the future of ‘Mujer’ and Rafa Méndez and Lola Indigo will make peace in La 1

Scene from the new chapter of 'Woman'.

Scene from the new chapter of ‘Woman’.

In its firm commitment to Turkish novels, Antena 3 offers this Monday (10:45 p.m.) a new and transcendental installment of ‘Woman‘. A tragic car accident will mark the future and future of the protagonists of the series. Bahar, Hatice, Arif and Sarp – their lives are at stake. Enver, Sirin, Nisan, Doruk, Ceyda and Jale will find out about the hard event and will be shocked, especially Sirin. While experiencing moments of fear in the hospital, everyone has a single question in mind: who will survive this accident and who will not?

La 1 de TVE broadcasts tonight (22:00 hours) the second day of auditions of ‘The dancer’. On this occasion, the spectators will attend the Galician folklore show by the Sadanza group, they will learn the story of Freddy, a young trans who uses dance as a form of expression; they will see Hurakán, a girl in love with Miguel Ángel Muñoz since he was a teenager; They will witness how Indigo Lola starts singing a cappella so that one of the contestants dances to the rhythm of her voice and Rafa Méndez will officially make his peace with Lola after expelling her from a class of ‘Fame to dance’ (Cuatro) in the that coincided as teacher and student.

After its successful premiere, ‘The right price’ He returns tonight (10:50 pm) to Telecinco with Carlos Sobera. In its second program, new contestants will try to guess the exact value of some items, but without going overboard in order to reach the final showcase and win big prizes.

For its part, Cuatro bets tonight (10:50 p.m.) for a new chapter of ‘Charon‘titled’ Paradise ‘. In this installment, Natalia returns to Gijón with the hope that Charon will not be long in returning with her, but her success in court attracts a new case to the firm. It is about Jennifer, a prostitute accused of the murder of a client in the brothel. Everything points to his authorship, although the forensic evidence does not quite match his version. In addition, Charon begins to track down Pearl, Jennifer’s brothel partner, who has run away with the money from the pimps. Meanwhile, Aurelio inspects the confiscation warehouse at the police station and finds the gun that killed Jorge was part of an arsenal seized from Russian mobsters.

Also, a new pass from ‘One night to survive‘will occupy the prime time of laSexta (10:30 p.m.). Veteran mercenary Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson), known as ‘the catacombs’, is haunted by his past crimes in the pay of the Irish mafia in Brooklyn led by Shawn Maguire, but also by the cop who has tracked him down for 30 years. When he learns that his son Mike (Kinnaman) is in danger, Jimmy has to choose between the criminal clan he has always belonged to or his long-abandoned family.

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