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An advantage of blocking? You may be updating the idea of ​​parenthood |

Someone told me this week that you can never start a sentence with the word “what.” “Is that so?” Said. “Because you know, this pandemic is changing our world in more ways than you might think. Than you ever would have thought possible. “

In fact, Covid-19 has changed a lot in our world, although perhaps not the fundamentals of good grammar. And not all for the bad. This year, Upside has already delved into the resurgence of the community, the brilliance of the teachers, the positives of the environment, and the greatness of the dogs, volunteers, and even neighbors.

But is something deeper going on within our homes, our families? Sometimes it takes a big surprise from an event to catalyze a great social transformation. And many people who know about parenting believe that Covid may be changing parenting in significant ways.

My colleague Alexandra Topping has been researching the ways that lockdown, leave, and working from home could quietly revolutionize the whole idea of ​​parenthood, which, let’s face it, hasn’t evolved much from the ideals of the 1950s. .

You can read his article (three minute read) here. Please let us know if you have been affected in this way – have you spent more time with children locked up? Which it was the result? Do you think we will remember this year as a turning point for parenthood?

When you’ve done that, feast your eyes on this week’s lineup, which includes:

• Award Winning Inventors: What Happened After You Won the James Dyson Award. Three minute read

… Plus a quickie on this year’s award winner. 90 second read

• In praise of the cheerful amateur over the joyless perfectionist. Two minute opEd

• The boom and bust of low-traffic neighborhoods. Mini series

• Can video games benefit mental health? Two minute read

• The last hopes in vaccines. Two minute read

• An unusual Syrian exhibition… in Paisley, Scotland. 90 second read

• Another unusual “display”… on the seabed… to stop trawling. Four minute read

• And a free one from Hannah Jane Parkinson: the joy of television error (that is, when the actors laugh…) Many minutes of funny clips

Person playing Animal Crossing on a Nintendo Switch
A study of three games, including Animal Crossing, found that people who played more games tended to report higher “well-being.” Photograph: William West / AFP via Getty Images

Lucky numbers

More than nine in 10 train passengers in London are complying with the rules of covering their faces, according to new figures.

Elsewhere, the EU is planning a huge increase in offshore wind capacity in the coming years. And the US greenhouse gas emissions. to drop almost 10 percent this year.

What we liked

This is lovely, from the Thomson Reuters Foundation: The Cleaner Who became a fabulous baker locked.

We are captivated by the story of the British plumber who appears work free for older clients who need it. And we like the idea of ​​George Clooney giving $ 1 million each to 14 friends who helped him during his early years, as reported in this GQ profile.

Oh, and this is a party: the best shots from the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year, courtesy of Atlantic.

George Clooney
George Clooney told GQ that a story of him giving $ 1 million to 14 of his friends was true. Photograph: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

What we hear

Anya Hart Dyke is an Upside regular who urges people to give time, not stuff, when it comes to Christmas presents:

Last November / December I got into a cardboard box to make it look like a Christmas present, talking to shoppers about giving the ‘gift of time’ at Christmas instead of so many physical gifts, especially to children, that I often are the target of excessive amounts. of things.

This year’s idea, specifically at 10am on Sunday, December 6, is a #wrapyourselfupthisChristmas walk up costume hill.

The basic idea is:
1. Dress well (as much or little as you like) and climb a hill of your choice at 10 am on Sunday, December 6.

2. Take a selfie at the top, then send it to me, please, if you are happy for me to include it on my website / possibly publish it in the media.

3. Commit to asking / giving a ‘gift of time’ this Christmas rather than a physical gift, preferably one for a child (as they are often the target of too much).

But please readers: no disguises that could get you arrested.

Where was the Upside?

In the South Atlantic, where the sightings of dozens of blue whales have raised hopes of recovery of the species.

A blue whale off the coast of the subatlantic island of South Georgia.
A blue whale off the coast of the subatlantic island of South Georgia. Photograph: Michael Greenfelder / Alamy

Thank you for reading. Let us know what you think we should cover next. Have a good weekend.

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