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An alleged email from Peng Shuai backtracking raises concern for the tennis player

  • The player denounced two weeks ago that an exalted party official forced her to have sexual relations

  • The president of the women’s circuit questions the authorship of the ‘e-mail’ and demands “credible proof that she is safe and sound”

The maneuver is clumsy even by Chinese parameters. The national press has closed the absence of news about a tennis player who denounced the sexual harassment of a gyrfalcon with a email attributed to her. He says Peng shuai who is not in danger or missing but resting at home, retracts the accusations of forcing her to have sex, appreciates the worry global and asks that no further information be published without confirming it with her. The foreseeable and immediate increase in unease after its publication underscores China’s inability to understand the most elementary mechanisms of modern communication.

The mail was addressed to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), which has led the call for answers. Your president, Steve Simon, has expressed doubts about Peng’s authorship and persevered in its request for “credible proof that she is safe and sound.” The appearance of the mail on the English version of the Chinese public television CGTN and the absence of an echo in the local press suggests that an international audience was sought.

The story involves two celebrities from sports and politics. Peng, 35, has won the Wimbledon and Roland Garros championships in doubles with his Taiwanese partner in the past decade. Zhang gaoli, 75, was one of seven members of the Politburo Standing committee in the president’s first term, Xi Jinping, and he retired as deputy prime minister in 2018. His link, as is customary among political elites, was unknown until Peng posted two weeks ago on his account. Weibo, the most famous Chinese platform, a writing of 1,500 words. Since then, Peng has not appeared in public again.

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In the message, describe the turbulence of a extramarital affair for a decade. She begins by admitting the lack of clarity in her story and describing herself as a “hypocrite” and a “bad woman” for apparently acting as a discreet lover. It recounts the happiness of the early years despite the daily humiliations suffered by the wife and the concealment of the mother’s relationship. He also talks about his unease after Zhang’s sudden forgetfulness and delves into the call he received three years ago after much silence. The politician summoned her to her home. “Why did you come back to me, take me home and force me to have sex?” The player wonders. “During noon I refused and cried (…) During dinner he was still reticent. You told me that you hated me, that you had never forgotten me in those seven years and that you would treat me well … I was terrified and anxious. Considering the affection I had for you seven years ago, I agreed. Yes, we had sex. “Then comes more arguments and another sudden disappearance of Zhang” just like seven years ago. “” I know someone as important as you is not worried. But I don’t mind being an egg that hits the rock or a fly that flies into the flames, I want to tell the reality of what happened between us, “he says.

Unpunished practices

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The movement ‘I also‘has been no stranger to porcelain, with a patriarchal and hierarchical society that used to sweep sexual harassment under the rug. Academics, celebrities and journalists have been punished in recent years for traditionally unpunished practices. The current case, however, reaches the power elite for the first time. It also does so after President Xi Jinping imposed a iron code of ethics to their ranks. No wonder you condemn them for corruption arrive lined up with allusions to extramarital lovers as a corollary of a decadent attitude.

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The chorus of the tennis guild does not stop. Champions like Novak Djokovic, Naomi osaka OR Chris Evert They have expressed their care for Peng. Simon, president of the WTA, has revealed that his organization is considering its future in China if it does not receive convincing answers. China faces a huge problem, with all the global lights pointing at it, and it will need more than an email to solve it.

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