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An allegory of the Risen One stars in the poster for Holy Week in Mérida

Poster for Holy Week in Mérida 2022. / TODAY

The Board of Brotherhoods studies with the archbishopric how the brotherhoods will leave on the street

The Chapel of the Rock, current sacristy of the Co-Cathedral of Santa María, has hosted tonight the presentation of the Poster for Holy Week 2022 which stars the image of the Risen Jesus, from the Brotherhood of the Castles, and which represents the triumph of light on the darkness, in a clear allegory to the two years in which the Pandemic has not allowed the seasons of penance.

The poster, which has been prepared by the graphics team of the Holy Week website, represents a composition, made last February in the Basilica of Santa Eulalia, in which the figure of the Risen Jesus emerges before whom a Nazarene deposits the lit lanterns of the Via Crucis and standing out, in the background, the Paschal Candle that is lit every Easter Sunday.

The spokesman for the Board of Brotherhoods, Mario Hernández, explained the details of the composition of the poster «the idea was clear, in the year in which the brotherhoods recover the penance stations, the representation of the poster should be that of the Risen Jesus as a symbol of light and hope in the face of the years lived”. It is not intended to be an allegory of the end of the Pandemic because, as he recalled, “it is not over, but it is a hymn to hope, to the recovery, to a certain extent, of normality and, above all, to the sense of Holy Week that, without the Risen One, would not make sense».

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The mayor, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, has highlighted that with the presentation of the poster, the starting signal is given for Holy Week 2022 “for which the brotherhoods have been working for many months.”

«This is going to be a special Holy Week, – the mayor pointed out – we all know, in which we are going to be able to recover the brotherhoods in the streets with their Penitence Stations for the enjoyment of the citizens and the thousands of visitors who They will arrive in Mérida these days, for those who are already full in many hotel establishments, they will take the best image of the city and of Holy Week ».

Regarding the poster, he wished to congratulate the photographers who have made it possible «because, in addition, we highlight the image makers and sculptors of the city who also leave their mark on Holy Week, without a doubt, a poster in keeping with our Holy Week loaded with messages to the brothers and a whole declaration of intent: move forward»

Osuna has encouraged all people, Nazarenes, costaleros, penitents… to participate with their respective brotherhoods “to take to the streets again, because there is no lack of enthusiasm.”

For his part, the president of the Board of Brotherhoods, Luís Miguel González, wanted to thank the photographers of the Holy Week website for preparing this poster “which reflects, as has already been said, the objective of this Board of Brotherhoods, the celebration of a Holy Week of light and hope».

In addition, he thanked “his involvement in all the acts of our brotherhoods that, altruistically, offer in a job that is recognized by each and every one of the brotherhoods.”

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He has pointed out that the brotherhoods prepare, “with all the security measures established by our Archbishopric in the rehearsals of costaleros and cults, the Stations of Penance that will once again tour the streets of the city.”

In this sense, he has announced that “in the coming weeks, from the Board of Brotherhoods, and based on the evolution of the pandemic situation, the Board of Brotherhoods will determine, always in coordination with our Archbishopric, the mode of action of the brotherhoods on the street”.

He has highlighted that, in addition, this Easter there will be important news that remained in the inkwell in Easter 2020 and that, “we will be able to enjoy from Palm Sunday, in addition to those in which the brotherhoods have been working on in these two years and that refer, fundamentally, to the acquisition and renewal of heritage with new images, goldsmith elements or enrichment of the processional steps.

Finally, it has been reported that, in the coming days, the Official Magazine and the Hand Program will be presented with all the information on Holy Week.

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