Wednesday, October 20

An elevator that has not reached its destination for four years

It is not very well understood how it can be that after more than four years the Parkinson’s association of Elche continue without having an elevator advertised and promised by the City Council. The complaint has been made again by the PP, just the day after the Town Hall hosted on Tuesday an act in support of Parkinson’s patients on the world day of this disease, an appointment in which the government team transferred all its «Support» for this local group and this pathology.

However, in this case, the good words have not turned into deeds. At least as far as the pending elevator is concerned.

At Christmas 2016-2017, before moving to its current headquarters in the Montenegrin orchard, granted by the Consistory, the Parkinson’s association asked for an elevator. We must not forget that elderly people come here, with walkers and wheelchairs and that in some cases climbing stairs is a whole world for them. Right now there are about thirty users.

After two years claiming this installation, the Councilor for Social Welfare at that time assured, in December 2018, that it would be installed “imminently”. Already then, the association did not believe it, more than anything because also in the past the mayor had announced that it would be ready before December 4, 2017. And that date was the deadline to meet the term of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013, of November 29, by which public buildings must be adapted to universal accessibility conditions.

In his day Ilicitanos por Elche, Podemos, Ciudadanos and, continuously, PP have been demanding this investment that, for example, prevents the use of the upper floor for group therapies for cognitive stimulation or speech therapy.

“We have had a whole year of pandemic for them to install the elevator and they have not done so,” regrets Fernando Ramiro, director of said association, already accustomed to the continuous breaches of politicians.

“What kind of scoundrels are ruling us in our city who are capable of spending 700,000 euros on pedestrianizing the Corridor or 5.5 million on asphalt and not installing an elevator demanded and claimed by this association?” the vice-secretary of communication of the Popular Party of Elche, Sergio Rodríguez, words that generated controversy in the executive.

Asked Ramiro what are the explanations given by the City Council for such a delay, the director indicates that according to what was transmitted to him in the act on Tuesday is that the person who was running the project is no longer there, that the new person in charge received the file in July and that further modifications have had to be made.

“I have only been in office for six months and I do not know what could have happened to make this take so long,” indicated Mariano Valera, mayor of Inclusive Policies, in January 2020.

Ramiro himself requested information through the electronic office last January and was told that the elevator would arrive in April. However, after Tuesday’s act, executive sources did not dare to specify a date for him.

The government team only indicates at the moment that after modifying the specifications, the procedure would already be in the “final term with the company.”

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