Saturday, November 27

An ex of Lara Álvarez could be the new illusion of Sara Carbonero

New surprise in the world of national cuore. And it is that when we were all waiting for the photo of the ‘official’ confirmation of the engagement of Sara carbonero and Kiki Morente on the part of the couple of the moment, we learn that the journalist and the singer are no longer together.

This was revealed this weekend by the ‘Socialité’ program, which ensures that the media pressure they have been subjected to since they began their fledgling romance three months ago would have made a dent in both La Mancha and Enrique Morente’s son. “They are no longer together. They were getting to know each other, but with the press behind …”, A source close to the ex-partner has pointed out, assuring that “they are two very discreet people and they do not want to talk about their private life, either for better or for worse.”

However, in this time Sara and Kiki have had a “great love” and “are still friends although to this day they do not have a relationship, “and hence the presence of the journalist at the concert that the artist recently offered in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.” She likes her music a lot and they have a good relationship, “pointed out the confidant of ‘Socialité’ making it clear that, despite not being a couple, it would not be strange if we were to see Iker Casillas’ ex again publicly supporting the singer, a great support for her after her marital separation from the goalkeeper last March.

Single again and in one of the sweetest moments of her life, we have also just discovered that Sara could have a new and incipient illusion, which could be responsible for the brightness that her gaze has given off in recent weeks and for the eloquent publications about love that the journalist has recently shared on Instagram.

The fortunate? The ex of another of our beautiful ‘officers’, Lara Álvarez. Adrián Torres, a well-known artist from Cádiz With whom the presenter of ‘Survivors’ had a fleeting relationship just a year ago, and with whom Sara – who has lived a dream vacation in the painter’s homeland – would have spent a lot of time during her stay on the beaches of Cadiz this summer.

As the magazine ‘Hola’ published last week, Adrián was another of the attendees at Kiki Morente’s concert and he could be seen chatting animatedly with Carbonero, although at no time did we imagine that there was something else between them because we took it for granted that with her presence in the performance Sara made her relationship with the cantaor official. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

According to ‘Socialité’, the journalist and Adrián – who has just turned 39 years old and who in recent times has established himself as one of the artists with the most projection of our country internationally due to his precise and colorful portraits of celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Shakira or Rosalía – They are followed on social networks and exchanges of ‘likes’ and affectionate comments on their respective publications are common.

Time will tell if Adrián Torres is the new ‘owner’ of Sara’s heart or if, on the contrary, he prefers to enjoy being single now that his courtship with Kiki Morente has become a beautiful friendship.

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