Thursday, October 21

An executive with nods to Bonig’s team and new vice secretaries

No one escaped yesterday that the also president of the Alicante Provincial Council is the cornerstone of Genoa’s strategy to reconquer the Community. These movements to gain control of the regional ship began months ago with the renewal of the provincial directorates. And it is precisely to the provincial presidents to whom Mazón has wanted to give a new role of relevance to lay the foundations of a project that is committed to unity among all the provinces. The regional leader will rely on Toni Pérez, Vicente Mompó and Marta Barrachina, Presidents of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, to promote municipalism and revitalize the party. The three provincial presidents will enter the new board of directors. For Alicante, Carlos Mazón fully trusts the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, to strengthen the local structures of the province and continue to bet on broadening the bases. The mayor of Gabarda, Vicente Mompó, is one of the people that Mazón has relied on the most in recent months to gain visibility, especially in the small Valencian municipalities, while the mayor of the Vall d’Alba, Marta Barrachina, who is identified with Carlos Fabra’s environment, has become the new Castellón baroness.

In the core of power, the spokesperson for the Valencia City Council has a lot of prominence, María José Catalá, as general secretary and, therefore, as the woman with the greatest influence capacity from now on in the Valencian PP. “I introduced myself directly saying that my general secretary would be the next mayor of Spain, María José Catalá. It is a luxury to work with her, “added Mazón. In this “Sanhedrin” will also be the mayor of Finestrat and provincial deputy, Juan Francisco Pérez Llorca, as the new Secretary of Organization.

This executive pivots on the objective of giving a voice to young people with the incorporation of members of New Generations such as Naxto Villajos and Borja Espert. The president has also rewarded the team that has accompanied him during his campaign, with signings such as Senator Salomé Pradas or the mayor of Xeraco, Avelino Mascarell, and has had important nods to the Alicante Provincial Council with the incorporation of the mayor of Torrevieja , Eduardo Dolón, who will chair the Rights and Guarantees Committee.

Carlos Mazón has had people from the past who were part of Isabel Bonig’s steering committee as Elena Bastidas, who will be in charge of the Vice-Secretariat for Social Policy; o Hector Loose, who will be in charge of Innovation and Communication. In the new organization chart, the three general vice secretariats disappear and, in their place, there will be nine vice secretariats, some new such as Civil Rights, another that unites Ecology and Development and another for Territory, Community and Culture. The Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights was created to address equality, “from the acceptance of the neighbor to relations with the Administration”, while that of Ecology and Development will work on the importance of growth through a green strategy “because it is not true that you have to choose between sustainability and growth, “said Mazón. That of Territory and Community has been created so that “no one tells us that our identity signs come from elsewhere, they come from here,” he said. Likewise, there will be two codes of political activism that will be integrated into the executive. “We have muscle, work capacity. We want to take another step towards the street, solidarity, and we will implement the two codes: green and social, which are very important because they are going to illuminate everything, “explained Mazón, to add that relations with the NGO and that groups of ideas of professionals and advanced experts in the social field will be created.

You can consult the new PPCV organization chart at this link.

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