Thursday, February 22

An expert in contagion criticizes the Alicante City Council for one of the measures of the Three Kings Parade

“Candidate for the Wall of Shame of the world’s worst practices”that’s how blunt the teacher has been Jose Luis Jimenez, scientist and expert in pollution and virus transmission by aerosols in the University of Colorado, the action of the Alicante City Council with the Cavalcade of the Magi. Specifically, it refers to the decision of disinfect the streets before the passage of the royal procession.

This Spaniard settled in North America has become a reference during the pandemic, publishing a study on the spread of coronavirus by aerosols. Every month of the health crisis, the expert has been warning of the danger of transmission through the air, beyond the surface disinfection, and after seeing the images of the parade in the Alicante city, it has ended up exploding, criticizing the measures of disinfect the tour of the Magi in its wake: “Use that money to give away FFP2 to participants and teach them how to fit it!”

A scientific expert calls the example of the Three Kings Parade in Alicante a “candidate for the Wall of Shame”

Jiménez has added the City Council’s action to a “wall of shame” and malpractice and has made a request: “Please stop wasting public money, polluting and poisoning with disinfectants on the street. And invest the money in giving away FFP2, ventilation, measuring CO2 etc ”. He recalled that the covid “spreads faster than measles.”

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The Alicante City Council carried out two disinfections of the official routes of the Parade, one after the passage of the retinue of the Royal Wallets and another after the passage of the procession of the Magi.


According to the information provided by the City Council, the specialized company Lokímica applied a fogging of sidewalks and roadways.

The councilor for Street Cleaning and Waste Management, Manuel Villar, commented that “with this disinfection we intend to increase anticovid safety on horseback riding routes, by spraying a virucidal-bacterizidal product, authorized by the Ministry of Health, with in order to remove any traces of the virus that may remain».

Two Lokímica teams made up of four people, with the support of two off-road vehicles equipped with a misting and spraying mechanism, were in charge of distributing the product on roads and sidewalks, adopting the corresponding safety measures throughout the entire route of the Cabalgata, as reported by the City Council when announcing these measures.

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