Thursday, December 3

An IBV project opens the door to footwear and textiles to adapt sizes to more user profiles

The Valencian Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) has compiled, after his continuous anthropometric studies, more than 27,000 different avatars in 3D from different European populations, the US and other countries. Information that companies will be able to access when the 3D-body-hub project, financed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Ivace) and the European funds Feder.

According to the IBV, “knowing the measurements of the population allows industries such as textiles and footwear to adjust their products, as well as provide them with greater comfort and ergonomics.”

The Institute emphasizes that this system is “a valuable source of innovation, since in addition to simple metrics, such as lengths or contours, it is possible to consult more complex data, such as curvatures, proportions, areas or volumes, of high value for the product development processes of companies “.

The IBV Director of Clothing Innovation, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, highlights that the objective of this initiative is to develop a digital infrastructure for the management of anthropometric data of the world population. An application that “allows the use of this information, the incorporation of new data and the secure exchange of information between organizations, companies and users”.

In fact, with the compilation of this information it is sought that it can be used by companies and society. “To do this, various feasibility studies in different sectors, where footwear and textiles stand out. ”

Footwear and textiles

Specifically, the project is analyzing new systems for assigning clothing sizes, scanning technologies and algorithms for the reconstruction of 3D avatars. It is also working on the statistical analysis of 3D shapes to answer, for example, what type of population a company is dressing with its current patterns and sizes, according to the IBV.

Regarding the work that is being carried out with companies, in the application to the footwear sector, IBV is collaborating with Satorisan, a leading company in Mediterranean fashion footwear with an oriental philosophy. In this case, the 3d-body-hub tool has generated the average foot shapes that support the development of new footwear designs from more than 1200 avatars of the company’s target population.

Meanwhile, in textiles, the study is being carried out with the firm Darío Beltrán, whose activity focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of men’s shirts. The company participates in the validation of tools to extract information from the database of the 3d-body-hub project in order to determine the fit of the clothes in the online sale of its shirts.

According to the IBV manager, the use of this data helps companies to “reduce online returns of clothing and footwear, adjust the patterns to the target so as not to lose market or ensure that your garments and footwear will be adjusted to markets such as Asia, among others“.

Finally, the Institute reports that in this year so marked by the Covid-19 crisis, within the framework of this project a study has also been carried out to generate anthropometric dimensions of the face of the child population, essential for the development of the UNE specification for pediatric hygienic masks.

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