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An incisive Valencia looks at the ‘top 8’ at the cost of a Real Madrid touched

The American guard of Real Madrid Jaycee Carroll crashes with the orange defense

The American guard of Real Madrid Jaycee Carroll crashes with the orange defense

Leading by Sam Van Rossom, an incisive Valencia Basket took revenge this Friday for the defeat in the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid and punished with his penetrations the bad game of Pablo Laso’s team, unstitched in defense and without ideas in attack, to add a triumph that allows him to win options to reach the ‘top 8’ of this Euroleague.

Three triples in the first minutes cleared the path of Valencia at the start of the crash, but the team of Jaume Ponsarnau, bold and incisive, he also scored in other ways, which strengthened his confidence and allowed him to open a small gap in the hand mainly of Serbian Vanja Marinkovic, who added twelve points.

Jaycee Carroll’s points, 15 of the first 19 of his team, sustained Real Madrid, but they were insufficient because in addition to him only Walter Tavares scored in the first quarter (29-21, m.10). The weight of the final cup lost against Barça was noticeable.

The entrance of Mike Tobey gave Valencia a new offensive option with his triples and on the other hand, Carroll did not have a replacement at the beginning beyond a couple of actions from Fabián Caseur and the advantage grew to fourteen points and forced Pablo Laso to stop the game.

But nothing changed, his team remained blocked and Van Rossom gave the locals a new boost with his penetrations. In addition, in the last minutes Real Madrid accused two blows, the change that Sergio Llull requested due to annoyances that did not let him play again and a triple on the horn of the break by Klemen Prepelic that raised the rent to twenty (55-35, m.20).

It cost both teams to return to the court but a couple of triples, one from Gaby Deck and the other from Nico Laprovittola, gave Real Madrid hope, although it was difficult for the visitors to have continuity due to the losses and points of a serene Van Rossom They gave air to the locals, who with that calmness remembered to re-enter (71-52, m.30).

The Real Madrid’s lack of accuracy in the shot weighed down any comeback attempt and gave Valencia a placid end to the game despite three triples by Alberto Abalde that made up his team’s defeat but were not worth more.


89.- Valencia Basket (29+26+16+18): Van Rossom (16), Marinkovic (14), Kalinic (12), Williams (5), Dubljevic (6) -five starters- Prepelic (11), Puerto (2), Labeyrie (3), Tobey (11) and Hermannsson (9).

78.- Real Madrid (21 + 14 + 17 + 26): Alocen (4), Carroll (20), Deck (9), Garuba (-), Tavares (11) -five holder- Causeur (9), Abalde (13), Tyus (2), Laprovittola (5), Llull (3) and Thompkins (2).

Referees: Lamonica (ITA), Koljensic (MNO) and Juras (SER). No eliminations.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 25 of the Euroleague played in the pavilion of the Fuente de San Luis behind closed doors due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

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