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An Injection of Hope – Information

A nurse punctures the first dose of Constanza González at the old woman's house.  information

A nurse punctures the first dose of Constanza González at the old woman’s house. information

To their 106 years old, Constanza González Adámez yesterday received the first dose of pfizer vaccine at your address Fenollar Gorge, rural departure from Alicante, at the hands of the nurse Maria Jose Valls, who she went home as the old woman cannot walk. “The vaccine brings a little hope to people who have not been able to leave for many months, to grandparents who are practically isolated in their homes,” says the health company.

Constanza, born in Ciudad Real on November 5, 1914, He has not left home since before the pandemic. The last time was right on his 104th birthday. Two of her grandchildren helped lift her, as her legs are giving out and goes in a wheelchair, “And with a crutch and on a fly” they took her to a restaurant in San Vicente, says her 67-year-old son Ángel Saavedra. About 40 family members, including their seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, and a brother who lives in Madrid and is 94 years old, who went to his party. Since then 15 months have passed.

«The vaccination has gone very well, wonderfully. He was a little worried about her reaction, but he says it doesn’t hurt at all. She is happy, she is a fighter », says his son. “Sometimes it has gaps, but I asked him what he thought about the vaccine and he said: let them put it on me. It was her decision. The old woman, rather than worrying that she may catch COVID, is worried about Ángel himself, who is in charge of taking care of her. «He turns on the TV but he has lost a lot of sight and hearing. The pandemic has her worried but not because it is because of her, it is because of us », points to the only sapling that remains alive. Tomás, who would now be 82 years old; and Paco, 76 years old if he lived, have already passed away.

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In the same house as the old woman, the widow of a railwayman, there also lives Angel’s daughter, the son-in-law and a one-year-old baby. «Since I am the one who goes out, the one who is going to buy, if I take a little longer than necessary, he is already calling my daughter to find me, and she tells her to be careful, not to meet anyone. Now that she is vaccinated, we are calmer ». The elderly woman is a patient under follow-up of nurse María Luisa Ruiz, who is in charge of caring for complex patients at home.

Francisco Mira and Amparo Gómez, who have been together for 71 years, were vaccinated in Alcoy. JUANI RUZ.

In Alcoy, Francisco Mira, 95, and Amparo Gómez, 94, were vaccinated together yesterday. They have been married since 1950. Many things have happened together but they never thought that a day would come when they would have to be immunized to fight a global pandemic.

The two also get vaccinated at the same time for the flu each year; but This will help them to reunite with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren much more calmly.

Both received the first dose at the same time in the Alcoy Center Health Center, next to City Hall, and they did climbed into the car in which their daughter and son-in-law had taken them. “I haven’t noticed anything,” Francisco said. “If the next one is like this, put it on me now.” The vaccine leaves him “calmer, completely calm”, although he still has to wait for the second dose. Amparo felt the same: «Very good, the puncture was as if nothing». «The flu also gives us both; it is what it touches », indicated the woman. Her husband stated that “after so many years together and at this age, I did not expect to be vaccinated for a pandemic.” After the puncture they returned to their quiet daily routine, which has kept them at home for almost a year. Amparo comes out for the right thing; Francisco only to the essentials. Now they will wait for the second dose, the one that will add a new chapter in common to their life history of 71 years together.

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