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An Italian leader, the first politician to receive the vaccine amid criticism

Dose of the vaccine administered this Sunday in an Italian hospital

Dose of the vaccine administered this Sunday in an Italian hospital

The president of the Campania region, whose capital is Naples, Vincenzo de Luca, has been the the only Italian politician who has received the vaccine this Sunday against Covid-19 for which it has received some criticism.

By Luca, 71 years old, followed the start of the first vaccines in the tent installed outside the Cotugno hospital in Naples and then met with the general director of the center, Maurizio Di Mauro.

At the end of the meeting, De Luca underwent the vaccine as reported by himself on social networks by posting a photo and declaring: “I got vaccinated. We all have to do it in the next few weeks. It is important to win the battle against Covid-19 and return to normal life. Without lowering our guard and respecting the rules. ”

The De Luca vaccine provoked the ire of the mayor of Naples, Luigi di Magistris, who described as “unworthy abuse of power“That the regional president” has taken advantage of his institutional role to get vaccinated when the vaccine, in the first weeks, should be used exclusively, considering the very few quantities available, to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and the elderly“.

“President De Luca’s health unfortunately comes before the people of Campania. We should be ashamed and apologize! Unfortunately, his fix is ​​taken away from those who work on the front line and risk their lives every day,” added De Magistris.

“De Luca skips the line and removes the vaccine from someone who needed it more than him,” wrote the leader of the far-right Liga, Matteo Salvini on social networks.

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Criticism also came from the 5 Star Movement: “While the president (of the Italian Republic, Sergio) Mattarella returns to put the good of the country before himself and declares that he will wait his turn for the vaccine, as an ordinary citizen, those who govern Campania skip the line and get vaccinated, disrespecting the doctors, nurses and health workers, who risk their lives and who should be the top of the list, “said M5S leader in Campania, Valeria Ciarambino.

The first to receive the vaccine in Italy were Maria Capobianchi, a biologist in charge of the virology laboratory that, last February, isolated the coronavirus for the first time; the nurse Claudia Alivernini, 29, and the health worker Omar Altobelli. All of them employees of the Spallanzani hospital in Rome.

The 9,750 doses of Pfizer vaccines that have been destined for Italy arrived this Saturday in Rome escorted by the Carabinieri from Belgium and later a part was distributed in all regions where they will also be inoculated this Sunday.

The Italian Ministry of Health specified that the doses of vaccine delivered to all European countries by December 27 they are “symbolic” and that the actual distribution will start from the week of December 28 and around 470,000 doses will arrive in Italy each week.


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