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An OasIX of Cloud solutions


As specialists in VoIP and Cloud services, Grupo Aire is helping to change the future of telecommunications and companies through various solutions. Among them, the group’s Cloud portfolio with OASIX solutions.

Grupo Aire is made up of a group of telecommunications companies whose philosophy is based on constant innovation through technology. We offer companies the best cloud, data center, connectivity, voice, audiovisual and cybersecurity solutions, evolving our services to adapt to the needs of each client and moment.

We have an extensive network of federated data centers that cover the entire Iberian Peninsula, united by a TIER 2 network which has more than 27,000 kilometers and allows us to offer cloud solutions based on our low latency connectivity.

What is OASIX?

OasIX is the cloud and datacenter division of Grupo Aire. OasIX makes hosting services, hyper-converged processing solutions, and security available to companies, offered under the “as a service” modality, where the user experience is its most relevant factor. Pay per use, minimum investment, innovation without equipment costs, flexibility and rapid scalability, high performance and security.

Secure, highly scalable cloud solutions are delivered that quickly and easily adapt to your evolving needs and position your business for growth.

OasIX makes hosting services, hyper-converged processing solutions available to companies

The goal is greater business agility where you pay only for what you need, when you need it, with no capital expense based on a combination of on-premise services, private cloud services, and public cloud services.

What are the main OASIX solutions?

OasIX offers hosting solutions in neutral CPDs, IaaS services (infrastructure as a service), BaaS (backup as a service), Disaster Recovery, SECaaS (security as a service) and VDI.

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Likewise, OasIX also has an orchestration software (SOAX – Service Orchestrator Administrator) that allows managing and administering single and multi Cloud services in both private and public clouds, and monitors the elements of a Virtual Datacenter. SOAX works through a private and configurable Multitennant & Multi-Domain platform that reduces costs and operation time with a pay-per-use marketing model.

Approach to the IT channel of LCRcom, a company of Grupo Aire

As part of its strategy to break into the IT channel, since 2021 LCRcom has been creating alliances with wholesalers, reaching agreements with several of them. All this with the aim of bringing Cloud solutions closer to the IT channel and offering an outstanding deployment of its services. In this way, the operator continues to create a network of partners, characterized by innovation and economy, with solutions adapted to each client. What sets LCRcom apart from other operators is the degree of specialization and proximity in dealings, which guarantees optimal integration of the different services and products it offers.

OASIX and GaiaX

OASIX is a member of the GaiaX project, the association that will help create a new digital data ecosystem. From Spain, collaborating with European partners, the Iberian Peninsula will have the opportunity to become a node of digital services in southern Europe, which would have repercussions on the wealth of the region, with growth in employment and GDP. To achieve this, we consider that GaiaX Spain is an opportunity to promote and facilitate it. With this, OasIX will be the fundamental actor in the development of the Cloud expansion strategy in Europe. A new stage begins that will drive the data-based economy and that will position Spain as an agent that generates and exploits innovative technologies in the international ecosystem.

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