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An oil flavored with Palmeral Oriolano

The extra virgin olive oil is labeled with the Palmeral de Orihuela brand, a natural space that will also produce dates.

The extra virgin olive oil is labeled with the Palmeral de Orihuela brand, a natural space that will also produce dates.

Circular economy. The first oil produced in the Palmeral will generate its circular economy. The oil is born in the Palmeral de Orihuela, is bottled in an Oriolana oil mill and reverts to the locality, since it will be destined to the most disadvantaged of the city.

Orihuela is known for its citrus fruits, its typical sweets and, now, its oil. The Oriolano city council is bottling several units of this “green gold” that comes from the olive trees planted in El Palmeral. It is the first oil produced in this natural environment, Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), where, in addition to palm trees, there are olive trees, something that has gone largely unnoticed until now. The extra virgin olive oil from El Palmeral has been collected from the 119 olive groves, some centenarians, that this space has had for many years, and which currently has 227 specimens after the planting in the last year of others 108 more olive trees. “In this way we value this BIC and make known the fruits of our Palm grove that can be tasted,” said the mayor of the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, yesterday at the presentation of this original initiative.

An oil flavored with Palmeral Oriolano

The bottling is very special since they wanted to promote the Palmeral de Orihuela brand presented a few weeks ago, and that is how it has been labeled. But do not look for it in your nearest store, because it is not for sale. Its use is for the promotion of the Palm Grove and almost all the bottles produced will be donated to Cáritas and the neighborhood associations of San Antón, the humble neighborhood where this protected space is located. So the most disadvantaged of the municipality will end up tasting it.

The production, packaging and labeling of this extra virgin olive oil is possible thanks to the collaboration of an Oriolana oil mill, Los Ministros. “We make a circular economy, since this oil is born in Orihuela, is produced in Orihuela, is bottled in Orihuela and reverts in Orihuela, since practically all of the bottles will be used for social purposes in the city.”

The Oriolano mayor emphasized that it is a unique variety and thanked the municipal biologist, Gonzalo Escudero, as well as the members of the Gardening Employment Workshop, and the oil mill “for the work done to develop and produce this product.” At the moment, it is a small production of extra virgin olive oil.

Other «jewels»

Oil production is not the only “jewel” that comes out of the Orihuela Palm Grove. Their dates also want to be valued. The Orihuela Department of the Environment has carried out a study, which gives continuity to a previous one prepared by the UMH, to determine which palm trees, of the 600 chosen from municipal plots, give the best dates. Finally, 34 have been chosen from which “in the short, medium and long term”, said Aparicio, work will be done to obtain “the best quality date, typical of the Palmera, although we still have a lot of work to do”, acknowledged the mayor.

In addition, the recovery of agricultural orchards in this natural environment is already underway, after the planting of 12,000 square meters of alfalfa and wheat, to meet one of the objectives of the Palm Grove Master and Management Plan. All in all, it is shown that the Palmeral is more than its almost 9,000 famous palm trees.

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