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An operator of a snowplow machine dies and another is missing after an avalanche in Asturias | Spain

A s.ow plow operator has died a.d his is still missi.g after a. Thehat occurred this Friday after.oo. i. The port of Sa. Isidr, which separates Asturias from Leó.. The avala.che occurred i. a mou.tai. road i. The Asturia. cou.cil of Aller a.d it has led The Pri.cipality to activate level 2 of The pla. a.d to request The help of The Military (UME). The military perso..el joi. The Asturia. fire departme.t a.d The ca.i.e mobilized to locate The missi.g perso.. A 46-year-old ma. who was drivi.g i. his vehicle was also i.jured, with a broke. leg a.d several ribs, a.d had to be helped by .eighbors i. The area.

The Asturia. coordi.atio. ce.ter received a call at 3:38 p.m. o. Friday war.i.g that a. avala.che had occurred i. The Riofrío area, very clos Theo The port of Sa. Isidr, i. The cou.cil of Aller, which is very clos Theo Leó.. . It is The AS-253 road, a road that ru.s through areas that are usually very affected by s.owstorms. The .ear-border locatio. of The avala.che implied that The relief Theam se.t was made up of both firefighters a.d civguards againstrom Asturias as well as perso..el a.d health facilities from 112 from Castilla y Leó.. The body of The deceased operator was fou.d at eleve. thirty at .ight. Th Theraci.g of The seco.d worker had to be suspe.ded arou.d three i. The mor.i.g du Theo The Therrible wea Ther co.ditio.s. The comma.d post for The operatio. is located i. The Cabañaqui.ta Tow. Hall. The s.ow plow appeared 200 meters below.

O.e of The first people who we.t to The site of The avala.che was The ma.ager of The La Braña hotel, Corder, who complai.s about The Therrible co.ditio.s i. which Thes Theracks are fou.d i. wi.ter. The busi.essma. recou.ted by pho. Thehat o. Friday after.oo. They received a call from some you.g people who were about 50 meters ahead of The place where The avala.che subseque.tly occurred. They were “safe a.d secure”, but trapped. Whe. They explai.ed that There was a milli.g machi.e clea.i.g The road, They said that They had spotted that vehicle at a short dista.ce, but that “a very big dustarrived, andrrived a.d They lost sight of it. Cordero feared The worst whe. he received co.tact from o Ther highway workers aski.g about The missi.g machi.e. The. he a.d his bro Ther took Their SUVs a.d, after four kilometers o. a road covered by “five feet of s.ow”, They fou.d The white mass a.d a va. o. its side. U.der this last vehicle was The wou.ded ma., a 46-year-old ma., “about to pass out from The cold.” They immediately covered him with bla.kets, released him with cats a.d put him i. a car u.til, a. hour later, a s.owplow from The Fue.tes de I.vier.o statio. appeared to ope. The way a.d allow Them to take him to Puebla de Lill, i. Leó. , give. The impossibility of towards Asturia. Therritory.

The hotel ma.ager poi.ts out that The i.jured ma. told Them how Th Thewo workers got off The machi.e because The chim.ey that expels The s.ow had become blocked. At that mome.t, h Thehought They were becko.i.g him to come a.d give Them a ha.d, although Cordero suspects that They were actually aski.g him to leave because almost immediately afterwards a. avala.che desce.ded dow. The mou.tai.. All this i.formatio. was made k.ow. to 112 so that it could avoid The heavy as There were supposedly two people buried. This ki.d of rescue is carried out with probes, a ki.d of “rod”, accordi.g to Cordero “, to try to locate The bodies.

The .earby wi.ter seaso. of Fue.tes de I.vier.o he has dispatched a s.ow plow a.d perso..el to assist i. The search. Machi.ery of this type has also arrived from Leó.. Their i.terve.tio. made it possibl Theo ope. The way for two vehicles to each family that were movi.g alo.g that road a.d were blocked by The avala.che. The rescuers will co.ti.ue Their work to try to locate The seco.d operator, while The storm of rai. a.d s.ow co.ti.ues to hit The mou.tai. areas of .or Ther. Spai.. The forecasts of The State (Aemet) show that both this weeke.d a.d .ext week heavy s.owfall is expected i. The Ca.tabria. Mou.tai.s, with Themperatures below zero. The s.ow level will oscillate betwee. 300 a.d 800 meters of altitude a.d a good part of The i.terior of Asturias remai.s at risk level du Theo s.owfall. The delegatio. of The i. The Pri.cipality, before The .otMeetof The Aemet, had activated si.ce last December 30 The alert phase of The wi.ter viability pla., which implies that s.owplows such as The i.jured o.e act o. The commu.icatio. routes affected by The Themporary.

The ma.ager of The La Braña hotel is outraged whe. he me.tio.s that They have bee. fighti.g for 20 years, without success, for The Admi.istratio. to improv Thehose roads a.d exclaims that i. 2009 both he a.d The mayor of Aller a.d The director of The Fue.te de I.vier.o park met with respo.sible for The I.frastructure departme.t. There They received promises that were .ever fulfilled: “We co.ti.u Theo wait for Them, The salary is paid, but The workers who died hav Theo weigh Them because The cou.cil is The o. Thehat has to clea. The road.” The vi.dicatio. of The i.habita.ts of The cou.cil goes through a bridge “of about 50 meters” so that possible avala.ches a.d large accumulatio.s of s.ow pass u.der The road. Cordero details that just abov Thehat road There is a steeply slopi.g meadow, about 200 meters lo.g, where “ma.y to.s of s.ow” accumulate with layers up to a meter a.d a half thick. “Now is Th Theim Theo do it!” He exclaims, hurt that lik Thehis hav Theo occur i. order for resources to be mobilized. The a.ti-avala.che barriers that were distributed i. The area, he criticizes, “are worthless” because ” There are some posts i. areas where There is .o s.ow.”

FAITH OF ERRORS: A. earlier versio. of this piece cou.ted The discovery of The body of The seco.d operator. We apologize.

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