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An unknown Espanyol takes an unexpected roll in Cornellà

  • Two goals from Pere Milla in the first quarter of an hour dismayed the parakeets, who had only fallen before at home against Atlético. The blue and white team accused the casualties of Diego López, Yangel Herrera and Darder.

When the panorama of the Spanish the most unexpected hit came. The Parakeet team, one of the most reliable at home in the League, suffered this Monday a revolution before Elche, that he had only achieved a victory away from his stadium (1-2). The logic statistics jumped through the air in Cornellà. A lousy start With two goals conceded in a quarter of an hour, he condemned the Blue and Whites, far from his best version.

The bad news for the parakeets began hours before the duel. To the known low of Yangel Herrera Due to some annoyances, those of two key players in Vicente Moreno’s schemes were added, both due to the covid: Diego López and Darder, the goal with the most saves in the championship and the brain of the Catalan game, the footballer who provides the break and the last pass.

Three headlines

The visit of Elche, in theory an ideal rival to prolong the streak at the RCDE Stadium, was complicated without the competition of three indisputable headlines, but nobody imagined what would come shortly after the initial whistle of Gil Manzano.

With impressive figures in Cornellà, where he had only managed to win the Athletic with a controversial goal by Lemar In the 99th minute, the Blue and Whites hoped to consolidate the excellent feelings of their last games.

In Mestalla closed 2021 with the first away victory of the League and a few days later opened the new year with the suffered pass to the eighth of the Cup by penalties in Ponferrada.

Defensive cracks

Elche, also without important players such as Lucas Boyé and Fidel, he presented himself as the ideal enemy to keep looking up. Nothing is further from reality. In just a quarter of an hour, Espanyol already lost 0-2 with a double by Pere Milla, which took advantage of the cracks of the parakeet defense.

First a pass of Tete Morente (m. 6) and then headed a precise center of Mojica (m. 14). In both goals he was able to do more Joan Garcia, Diego’s substitute, especially in the second, but he stayed in the middle of the game.

It was mandatory to react to avoid a fiasco monumental and the parakeet painting began to row as appropriate, as deserved almost 12,000 parakeets who came to the stadium encouraged by the good performances of their team.

RDT, penalty only

Espanyol was close to closing the gap with a goal from Lorraine annulled for offside after a pass from RDT (m. 25) and just before the break came the 1-2 thanks to a penalty signaled by a slight nudge from Verdú to Keidi Bare that the pichichi parakeet was not wasted.

Many fans saw the beginning of a comeback magic that was never produced. Far from having a negative psychological effect on Elche, the team of Francisco he maintained the advantage with order and forcefulness.

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The parakeet handler moved the tree in search of more mordant but nothing worked, not even the entrance of the young man Jofre Carreras, the hero of Mestalla. Espanyol triumphed there with goals from RDT and Puado in the last section. History did not repeat itself. From Thomas squandered the best chances to put the tables and Elche came out of relegation with their first away win since September.

Espanyol, 1; Elche, 2

SPANISH: Joan García (4); Aleix Vidal (4), Sergi Gómez (5), Cabrera (5), Pedrosa (5); Embarba (4), Keidi Bare (5), Morlanes (4), Javi Puado (5); Loren (5), De Tomás (6). Technician: Vicente Moreno (5). Changes: Nico Melamed (5) for Loren (d. 58); Óscar Gil (5) by Aleix Vidal (d. 58); Dimata (4) by Embarba (m. 66); Fran Mérida (sc) by Keidi Bare (m. 84); Jofre (sc) by Puado (m. 84).

ELCHE: Edgar Badia (6); Palacios (7), Enzo Roco (6), Verdú (5), Mojica (7); Tete Morente (7), Mascarell (6), Gumbau (6), Pere Milla (8); Lucas Pérez (5), Carillo (6). Technician: Francisco (7). Changes: Josan (6) for Tete Morente (d. 70); Josema (5) by Verdú (d. 77); Piatti (sc) by Lucas Pérez (m. 87); Raúl Guti (sc) by Carrilo (m. 88).

GOALS: 0-1 (m. 6), Pere Milla, passed by Tete Morente; 0-2 (m. 14), Pere Milla, with a header; 1-2 (m. 45), De Tomás, from a penalty.

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