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Ana de Armas persecutes the myth of Marilyn Monroe: “They infantilized her while they sexualized her”

Marilyn Monroe the icon of the cover girl, the ‘Happy Birthday Mister President’, was exploited; but she covered up what was behind her, all the traumas that she hid under her real name, that norma jeanne that Ana de Armas feels as her own in ‘Blonde’, the film about the universal blonde in which the Hispanic-Cuban has given something more than her own body. «Marilyn wanted to be valued as an actress, as an intellectual, and she was pigeonholed into childishness while being sexualized. She could have made incredible dramatic characters because she was extremely talented », points out the actress in San Sebastián, where she landed to present the film in Spain and put the finishing touch to the film festival.

She is in love with the character. She doesn’t hide it. From her ‘Su from her’ from her Marilyn from her has opened the door to major awards and has consecrated her in Hollywood. Her interpretation is wild, she gives her soul and, above all, her body to undress the moments of Marilyn Monroe’s life where the glamor disappeared between alcohol and barbiturates, and where the sexual abuse of the producers was covered with smiles. imposted on the red carpets. The whole myth of Marilyn is dismantled in ‘Blonde’ at the stroke of graphic scenes, of song lyrics that now it hurts to hear while she sings smiling. “I want to be loved by you, only by you / I want to be kissed by you, only by you / I couldn’t hope / For anything better,” she sings Marilyn Monroe while an old producer rapes Norma Jeane.

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The role of Ana de Armas in the film is so physical that she confesses that the pattern of “wanting to rescue her”, like Marilyn, has been repeated with her: “They have even asked Andrew (Dominik, the director) how he had abused So about me, how I had put myself in certain situations, ”says the actress in a small meeting with the press, with ABC present. And she laughs when she remembers that she was once called Norma Jeane at a press conference in America. “It’s interesting to see how they have that feeling of protection and of wanting to get me out of the clutches of the monster that has made this movie,” he laughs when asked about the dichotomy between the good reception of his performance and the bad reviews: ” It is contradictory to say that the main character, who is in all the scenes of the film, is wonderful but the film is not good, “he says.

From Spanish television to Hollywood

It is curious to listen to Anne of Arms in the short distance. The actress whom we met here on television no longer exists. She now she is a Hollywood star. She has arrived with her entourage of eight people from across the pond, she has a list of requests typical of a lifelong ‘celebrity’ and when she speaks there is nothing left of that protagonist of ‘El internado’ or ‘Lies and fat’. When she speaks, expressions of Spanish intersect with the Cuban accent and twists of what is spoken in Miami, and all while she seems to think in English the answers that are given to her in her mother tongue. And she is already a promotion professional, which really distinguishes a performer from Hollywood of a European one. There is something that always draws attention when top-level actors arrive, and it is the seriousness with which they take the interviews, how they seek the complicity of those who will later have to tell the world about their benefits. They do not fail in the role that they have to interpret when the cameras are turned off: the character.

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That is why Ana de Armas laughs ironically when asked about the less idyllic side of Hollywood. “It didn’t take me long to realize that it’s harder to navigate [por Hollywood] of what they say. Yes, it’s positive on the opportunity side and exposure to talent, but everything else is (laughs) … it’s difficult », she says, leaving it up in the air.

It is impossible not to compare it with what he tells in ‘Blonde’ and what Marilyn Monroe suffered: «We all have a private person and a public person, and when you are in this position everything becomes much bigger. And unfortunately it’s out of your control. The struggle to get good characters is as difficult as it is to maintain your private life. Is a losing battle trying to handle what they say about you now. At that time you were under a studio contract, they controlled your life, they used you if they wanted, you were at the mercy of what the studio wanted… And now not only the studios, it’s the networks and the media that put you for the same the clouds that destroy your life. It’s crazy », she concludes.

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