Wednesday, October 20

Ana García will lead CC OO-PV with a majority of women in the executive

Ana García Alcolea celebrates her election as general secretary of CC OO, which will have an executive with 64% women.  |  FRANCISCO CALABUIG

Ana García Alcolea celebrates her election as general secretary of CC OO, which will have an executive with 64% women. | FRANCISCO CALABUIG

Ana García Alcolea was elected yesterday by a large majority of 276 votes in favor and 32 blank as the new general secretary of Comissions Obreres del País València (CC OO PV) in the twelfth Congress of the union, which will be led by a renewed leadership and with a predominance of women (64%).

García, the first woman to lead the organization in the Valencian Community, defended that decent work will be his banner and reaffirmed himself in the defense of the working class in their living and working conditions. “We have important challenges ahead of us to overcome, such as job insecurity and poverty, gender gaps between women and men, unemployment, the future of youth or social inequalities,” he said.

García is committed to labor relations that guarantee decent working conditions and advocates promoting training for employment throughout working life as “an inalienable right.”

He also referred to the eradication of brechas to generatehe heard the need to walk towards real equality: “We have to put all the meat on the grill to promote the negotiation of equality plans in each and every one of the companies.”

Sustainable growth

He defended the transformation of the growth for another more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and is committed to the development of European projects with implantation in the Valencian Community.

On the last day of the CC OO PV congress, the Government delegate, Gloria Calero, the second vice president of the Consell, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, and the Regional Minister for Territorial Policy, Arcadi Spain, participated.

Martínez Dalmau, expressed his support for Ana García and stressed that with his election “another glass ceiling is broken” in a “complex moment in which progressive forces must propose an alternative life model, a model that regenerates vital certainties of the majority ».

He also referred to “Such adverse” circumstances since the start of the pandemic and the role played by CC OO in social dialogue. In this sense, he valued that this role “has allowed reaching agreements with profound consequences for the popular classes of this country, such as the implementation of the ERTE that have saved thousands of jobs or the new agreement to repeal the most damaging aspects of the labour reform”. “Trade unions are key to guaranteeing a socially just solution to the crisis,” he stressed.

Likewise, he assured that the “challenge that the transforming political forces have to face immediately is that of provide democratic solutions, that broaden the rights of the social majority “and has pointed to solutions to” problems such as precarious work, inequality that doubly punishes women for being women, the erosion of public services or the threat of change climate”.

Finally, social gaps have starred in the debates and presentations of CC OO PV in the twelfth Congress, on the precariousness of work, the inequality that punishes women, public services or the threat of climate change.

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