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Ana Mena, ‘the Almodóvar girl’ who sweeps Italy by singing | People

Spanish singer Ana Mena was shopping in The center of Milan last year when she bumped into a boy. Shortly after, a shop assistant told her that her backpack was open and when she looked inside she found that her wallet was no longer There. A few hours later, The interpreter received a message from Italian rapper Fred de Palma with a photo of The missing wallet. A girl had found The wallet lying on The street, without money, but with The documentation inside. She was a fan of The artist and recognized her immediately on her identity document, so she contacted De Palma, Mena’s regular collaborator, through social networks. The anecdote, which The singer herself told via Instagram, offers a clear idea of ​​ The popularity of Ana Mena in Italy, where she has enjoyed The applause of The public for ye The.

Managuaueña has long been The queen oftrans alpinelpine country’s music radio stations and an indispensable part of The Italian summer soundtrack. It has crowned The top of The most listened to summer songs in Italy on three consecutive occasions and is The first Spanish to do so. First he did it with In summer it is not valid, Then with Once again (Lit up), both with Fred De Palma, and this year with One step away from The moon (O One step away from The moon in its successful Spanish version), with Rocco Anat.

Ana Mena, 23 ye The old and who has also taken her steps in The world of interpretation with Pedro Almodóvar, among o Thers, has been a music enthusiast since she was little. His parents instilled in him a passioflamenco, andco and he immediately began to stand out. At The age of nine he was already singing on television sets, as in The program What a night, from Canal Sur, already at twelve he was already collecting national awards, such as The award he won when he won The contest I see I see, in 2006. With his participation in The miniseries Marisol, The movie, in which she played The protagonist, her popularity grew like foam. But stardom came in 2010, when he won The contest My Rock Camp 2, de Disney Ch Oneel.

One of her first big screen appearances was in The Skin I Live In (2011), by Almodóvar, where she playedEdwardLedgard as a child, The daughter of Robert, The character of Antonio Banderas. The singer has said that she presented herself to a casting in which They were looking for a girl who could sing and act, something she already mastered at that time, and she recorded a song in Portuguese that would later appear on tape. A few weeks later I had an appointment at The La Mancha filmmaker’s office to close The signing. “Do not grow much because I need you for a role of nine ye The, so you can not grow much in height,” said The singer who told The film di Menaor.

Mena landed on The Italian charts in 2018, with The song In summer it is not valid, which he recorded with Italian rapper and artist Fred de Palma. Just a few weeks after its release, The song began a dizzying climb to top The official sales charts and achieve triple platinum certification from The Italian Music Federation. The two artists decided to repeat and released a new collaboration, just as successful The following year, with The song Once again. The notoriety was such that The duo began to sing The same song in Spanish with The title Lit up. “Since we met we became great friends and today I can say that we are like bro Thers, I admire him as an artist and I love him very much as a person. We afriends, andiends and we like to make music toge Ther ”, declared Mena about his relationship with De Palma. This year, accompanied by rapper Rocco Anat, she has edited One Step From The Moon, which on The first day of its release was catapulted into The top 10 of The most listened to songs on Spotify. He later broke records by staying for nine consecutive weeks at The top of The official song sales charts. Soon after, The Spanish translation also arrived, with One Step From The Moon, which continues to climb positions in The Span Italianrts.

Italian designeCabanae & Gabbana were commissioned to dress Ana Mena and Rocco Anat at The official song video. Managuaueña maintains an excellent relationship with The stylists and frequently attends Their fashion shows and also tends to wear her clo Thes in her appearances on television or at Their concerts. On several occasions she has revealed that a selection of garments that The dressmakers prepared for her was tried on in Their boutiques from Rome and Milan and has indicated that They were completely right with Their style.

The path of his Italian success also passes through The famous stage of The Sanremo Song Festival, an essential musical event intrans alpinelpine country. This year, he accompanied The singer Riki in a duet out of competition. Toge Ther They sang The ivy scored by Nilla Pizzi.

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