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Ana Milan: “I have little bad milk, but I do say things clearly”


He has overcome the barrier of 45 and also that of the gaze of others. With things “clear”, she reinvents herself in a podcast “to listen to moves”

Her role in ‘Camera café’ left the audience with the impression of a rude and insatiable girl; but in real life, Ana Milan is far from bitter like a good loaded. On the contrary, she is the “typical friend” – she says – to whom everyone tells “her moves” of her. And now, expanding the focus, because a couple of weeks ago she opened an ‘office’ in podcast format with ‘La vida y tal’, where she undresses and undresses accompanied by her friend Sebastián Gallego.

– Life is like opening clinics…

– I think they’ve always worked because we all need a helping hand, although in reality it’s more of a ‘I’m going to tell you ‘to’ listen to myself’.

– The new Elena Francis, do you feel comfortable in that girdle?

– A lot, because I’m the one whose friends show up at home every time they have a move. I’ve been listening to the moves of the whole world all my life and, hey, I’m delighted. It’s a privilege.

– But those are the belts of others. Which ones have you freed yourself from?

– From the gaze of others, from feeling it as a judgment. Once you get rid of that… Oh, my friend.

– And is it very couch-like?

– If by that you mean therapy, without a doubt. I’ve been doing it for many years intermittently and I always end up coming back. Every time I do it I ask myself why I left it.

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«We live in a very polarized world in which either you think like me, or you are an asshole; and that is not how you live or grow”

– Listening to her, she doesn’t seem like a motherfucker either.

– Well, I don’t give my son much advice because he won’t let me either. For that he is 20 years old and lives alone, to do whatever he wants. After the terrifying adolescence comes a very beautiful stage. The other day he called me to ask me if he was in Madrid and I told him what he needed, directly, because he saw it coming. And he told me: ‘Talk’. And I loved him because it was true that he only wanted that. Neither money nor anything (laughs). He blew me away.

– Do you know what a MILF is? (the fantasy of your children’s friends)

– Yes, yes, yes (laughs).

– It is?

– Oh, you’ve made me nervous! (laughs). What I was missing is putting that kind of adjectives on myself! I would have a fit.

– But the topic of the mature woman without papers doesn’t seem to go with you…

– Let’s see, I’m lucky enough to work, but it’s been difficult for us to understand the stories of women over 45 years old. Those of the 20s, those of the 30s and even those of the 70s are important. We must bet more on diversity.

– We talked about papers. What do you lose them with?

– With rudeness and abuse of power. We live in a very polarized world where either you think like me or you’re an asshole; and that is not how you live or grow, because it is absolutely necessary to listen to the opinion of other people. Even those who have dogmas, not opinions. Those who have Nazi ideas, for example, must also be made to think, it is not enough for us to tell them that they are sons of bitches.

– The bad milk of ‘Camera Café’, are you still spending it?

– I have little bad milk, but I do say things clearly and I enjoy a marked character, which I do have; and of being a woman who lives alone since she was 16 years old.

– And do you forgive that character?

– More and more, but it is not easy, we always have to give twice as many explanations. The character in a guy is ‘wow, he has an overwhelming personality’ and in us it’s ‘be careful, be careful, he’s coming…’. But that attitude is a natural sieve for assholes, so that’s fine.

– Finished. With whom would she share every last butt of his coffee?

– With no one, she seems like a pig to me! (laughs).

– Understand the metaphor…

– Okay, okay… Well, with anyone who has a good vibe and who makes me smile.

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