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Ana Milan: Monologues to entertain the confinement

“ByAnaMilán” is the series that the actress stars in based on the monologues that swept the confinement. | INFORMATION

He coronavirus brought out the best in the world of culture despite being one of the most punished for the suppression of mass activities due to the pandemic. The famous also turned upside down and the network served as a platform to reach every corner. Music, online micro-stories, theater, cinema, literature, painting, photography, dance and other arts have become great allies in helping the citizens of a country that is so used to living on the streets to cope with the confinement, with numerous audiovisual initiatives under the label #Stay at home.

This is how Internet users discovered the most comical view of the Alicante actress Ana Milan, of which she already gave a good example in the popular series «Camera café», and that he took advantage of the confinement to revolutionize the network with his daily direct stories in which he narrated, specifically through Instagram, personal experiences with all the creativity and irony in the world. In fact, it was a trend for monologues, which have given rise to the autobiographical series that stars in Atresplayer, ByAnaMilán, where he recreates some of the personal anecdotes that swept through. Among the funniest and most applauded, when he got confused in his contact book and called the doorman of his house thinking it was his gynecologist, or the visit of the boy from “The orphanage.”

INFORMATION wants to recognize with a «Important» the role of Ana Milan during the quarantine with a humor at the expense of itself that he roused laughter in moments of darkness. It is an award for all those who, from the world of culture, did their bit to awaken the minds of millions and shake the country of sadness due to the disease that reaps lives and boredom due to inactivity. For the Torrevieja-born actress, that of the newspaper of the land where she was born is a special recognition. «Awards are always pleasing, always flattering, always comforting; but when it is your land that rewards you it is much more. Because that of ‘No one is a prophet in his land’ is broken, that cursed saying is shattered and you start to feel loved and cradled by the land that saw you born and dream. Thanks to each and every one of you. I am deeply honored. I hope I deserve it, ”he says.

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Among the many initiatives that also deserve mention is «The covid art museum», a virtual gallery that collects art inspired by the coronavirus and that was born a few days after the confinement began at the initiative of three young people, two from Alicante and one from Barcelona, ​​reviewed by media all over the world. This project, fruit of the quarantine, has 158,000 followers. Everything arose through an Instagram page to which the creators upload their works: there are already about 800 publications from all over the world that “hang” in “The covid art museum.”

Apart, highlight “It was all March”, a book made in Alicante that brings together stories of 14 writers from the province whose germ is in an idea, totally private, that started in summer. All its profits go to Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria, an entity also distinguished by the newspaper because it has spent months feeding those who need it. On the other hand, there is the “Once upon a time” project, which draws on works by artists and writers who imagined the future after the pandemic with texts and illustrations that were uploaded to the network and that they captured in a book; and the «Confit Morning Exercises», by the photographer Valiente Verde, a story in images of the quarantine based on the self-portraits that the artist himself took every morning.

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